Boost Energy & Fight Fatigue with Medical Qi Gong

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Are you looking for a natural way to boost your energy as you go through life changes?

Medical qi gong is an ancient Chinese medicine art that can help you achieve higher energy, amazing fitness and mental focus.

Browse our Client Testimonials, then get ready to experience greater levels of energy and conquer the effects of stress. Book your BLISS bodywork single appointment or package sessions online or ask us about creating a customized session combining bodywork and an energizing movement workout with qi gong. Aiki Healing can do it just for you!

Call, text or email Aiki Healing today at 512.468.6588 or to receive a $10 gift certificate to apply to your first session.*

DONATIONS BASED ONLINE QI GONG meets next on March 9, 2017 Thursday at 1 pm CST. Email your Skype info so I can invite you to the class. Be sure to approve my request to add you as a contact BEFORE the class.

A recorded version of the class will be available to access Friday, following the class.

OR...SIGN UP for our 4 Step Stress Reduction online class that can begin right in your own home, then take it a step further to refine by enrolling in our life transforming 6 weeks movement life coaching package that shows you not only how to improve your physical health but also transform your life.

A One-Two Punch On Stress

A two-pronged approached helps you to restore your energy and get back to being you.

Acupressure medical qigong Austin, Manor Tx.Qi Gong Bodywork Spa Our signature bodywork BLISS sessions combining medical qi gong, acupressure and energy reflexology create gentle vibrations that are unlike anything you have ever experienced. It includes free emotional balancing, nutritional coaching and herbal consultation. Save $10 on your first bodywork session.
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Qi gong distance healing.Qi Gong Movement: Mindfulness in Action Boost your energy, buff up your body, and clear your mind with our unique private movement training that uses the ancient art of qi gong movement to build energy and muscle tone.


Build the business and life you've always dreamed is possible. Become a medical qi gong movement instructor or clinician.

Aiki Healing also offers a comprehensive medical qi gong certification program that allows a modular approach, certifying individuals in movement only, or also in energy bodywork applications with electives such as energy reflexology, emotional balancing with Chinese aromatherapy, women's health issues, or geriatric care. Learn More About Certification

*$10 discount not applicable with other offers.