Boost Energy & Reclaim Your Health with our Medical Qi Gong Bodywork Sessions and Mindfulness Training

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Why settle for an ordinary massage session that feels good at the time but fades quickly after a day or two?

Clients consistently comment that they feel younger, lighter, more vibrant and focused after an Aiki Healing class or energy healing session, and that these effects LINGER for days and sometimes weeks.

Why do clients experience these long lasting effects?

Qi Gong creates an energetic, cellular shift that results in:

  • Youthful glowing skin, face and physique. Who needs expensive facials when you are glowing from within to without?
  • Higher levels of energy and less pain.
  • Greater fitness. Less time in the gym for you!
  • Improved overall health. Less doctor visits and medications.
  • Mental/emotional clarity and focus. Say bye bye to mood swings and brain fog.

No other forms of healing movement or energy body work session work produces these kind of long lasting effects.

Why is this?

Aiki Healing is the only practice of Chinese medicine that teaches clients how to regulate and sustain their energy with qi gong life coaching tools–shared deeply during every class and every healing session.

Aiki Healing clients walk away with the ability to extend class and session effects to create life transformation.

Yes, I Want More Energy and Joy in My Life! How Can I Get Started?

1. Book an energy boost bodywork session that will leave you absolutely energized and glowing on a beauty, emotional and spiritual level.  The focus is on deep stress relief and illness prevention.  Call or text 512-468-6588 or email

2. Take a class! Schedule a private movement combined with mindfulness training experience by texting 512-468-6588 or check out our donations-based classes on our ON-DEMAND ONLINE STUDIO.

3. Build a new career that brings you satiating income and allows you to help others. Visit our professional medical qi gong certification program to learn how you can craft a career that is built on building higher levels of energy for yourself and others.