Boost Your Immunity and Calm Yourself with our Virtual Healing Services and Classes

Qi gong mindfulness training.

Qi Gong (Chinese Yoga) mindfulness training boosts your immunity, relaxes your brain and nervous system and makes your body and spirit strong.

During this challenge with Covid 19 and quarantine, we are providing clients with many free or donations-based and low cost tools to stay calm, boost immunity, and readjust to this new “normal.”

At last, our textbook for using the five elements healing system to liberate blocked energy and build higher levels of resiliency so you can thrive despite the global challenges, is here! Five Elements Healing: A Practical Guide for Reclaiming Your Essential Power will help you to heal grief, anger, anxiety, and fears and learn how to keep your energy tanks full so that you have enough fuel to create new streams of income, new ways of living, and new opportunities.  Visit this page to pre-order your copy.

Also, many of you are starting new businesses or looking for ways to build financial stability. Aiki Healing is proud to present a must-have tool to help you do just that in these unstable times.

My chapter about how to create a soul-based business plan is included in “Redesign Your 9 to 5: Advice and Strategies from 50 of the Most Ambitious Business Owners and Entrepreneurs,”  Visit this page to order your copy today.

How else is Aiki Healing helping? In direct response to your requests for more tools to stay healthy and workout from home, Aiki Healing has partnered with Jamsz Konnections in two ways:

Together we have launched the Whole Health Fitness Online Gym, with pilates, qi gong, yoga, dance and other cardio workouts.  Please take a moment to browse our offerings.

Also during the Jamsz Konnections “Talk About it Tuesday” presentation, Aiki Healing highlighted holistic strategies to address the health disparities that are playing a role in Covid 19 creating higher deaths in communities of color.  This free video replay of strategies to protect yourself against Covid 19 is a must-see as people protest or otherwise come into close quarters with one another. Learn how to protect and boost your immunity.   You may also wish to browse the  blog handout from that presentation with links to healing recipes that can help us fight off viruses.

The latest immunity boosting movement classes are on our on-demand studio page so just hop over there to browse the many classes, videos, and audio tools that you can start using right now to begin recalibrating your immunity.

If it so moves you, we appreciate donations, and that doesn’t always have to be in the form of money.

We know you may be struggling. A beautiful donation is simply getting the word out about these classes.  Bring a friend to one of our livestream class.

Aiki Healing stands shoulder to shoulder with you because we help clients revitalize their core energies  to uncover their true selves and potential especially during times of crisis.

Aiki Healing has over 17 years of experience in offering distance energy healing sessions and in recent years, we have used Zoom technology to enhance the experience by recording the sessions so clients can re-experience their sessions, giving added value and increased healing.  This model complies perfectly with stay-at-home orders to allow us to deliver services safely to our clients.

Founder, Kay Hutchinson, is also helping to flatten the curve by shopping for her family and community members to lessen the numbers of people interacting with those on the front line such as grocery store workers as well as providing free public service videos educating clients about the essential natural supplements and strategies to support immunity.

See the video we released very early about natural and effective ways for corona prevention and strategies for complementing western care to avoid deadly complications.

Visit the Aiki Healing FB page daily for strategies and videos to help you move through this time, empowered, well informed and strong.  Do not count on Facebook to present our strategies in your newsfeed.  Go straight to the Aiki Healing FB page to find positive help right away.

Why should you do qi gong daily, especially now?

Our life coaching clients and professional certification students consistently tell us they feel their immunity systems strong and robust, as well as feeling more alive, calm and centered long after our training sessions and energy life healing sessions end.

Why do clients experience these long lasting effects?

Medical Qi Gong creates an energetic, cellular shift that results in:

  • Greater mindfulness, mental clarity and emotional stability.
  • Higher levels of energy and less pain.
  • Improved overall health and fitness.
  • Youthful glowing skin, face and physique. Who needs expensive facials when you are glowing from within to without?

No other forms of energy repatterining creates these kind of long lasting effects.

Why is this?

Aiki Healing is the only practice of Chinese medicine that teaches clients how to regulate and sustain their energy with DNA level qi gong life coaching tools–shared deeply during every class and every healing session.

Aiki Healing clients walk away with the ability to extend class and session effects to create life transformation. With our virtual services, you also get a video of the session to revisit as many times as you like–adding value to your investment into your wellness.

Yes, I Want More Energy and Joy in My Life! How Can I Get Started?

1. Visit our “Energy Healing page to learn how our body bliss sessions can give you immediate relief from stress, anxiety, fears and anger. Want to go deeper? We also offer an 8 weeks life transformation program that is like no other program of healing that you’ll ever engage.  Think of an energy curricula designed just for you that encompasses diet, physical training, emotional release and so much more.

2.  Visit our professional medical qi gong certification program to learn how you can craft a career in helping others re-pattern their core energies to achieve higher levels of physical, emotional and spiritual health. Call or text 512-468-6588 to schedule a free one-hour class.