Empower Yourself with DNA Level Life Transformation: Medical Qi Gong (Chinese Yoga) Professional Certification & Energy Life Healing Sessions

Qi gong mindfulness training.

Qi Gong (Chinese Yoga) mindfulness training relaxes your brain and nervous system while making your body and spirit strong.

We help clients revitalize their core energies  to uncover their true selves and potential.

Our life coaching clients and professional certification students consistently tell us they feel younger, more alive, empowered and healthier long after our training sessions and energy life healing sessions.

Why do clients experience these long lasting effects?

Medical Qi Gong creates an energetic, cellular shift that results in:

  • Greater mindfulness, mental clarity and emotional stability.
  • Higher levels of energy and less pain.
  • Improved overall health and fitness.
  • Youthful glowing skin, face and physique. Who needs expensive facials when you are glowing from within to without?

No other forms of energy repatterining creates these kind of long lasting effects.

Why is this?

Aiki Healing is the only practice of Chinese medicine that teaches clients how to regulate and sustain their energy with DNA level qi gong life coaching tools–shared deeply during every class and every healing session.

Aiki Healing clients walk away with the ability to extend class and session effects to create life transformation.

Yes, I Want More Energy and Joy in My Life! How Can I Get Started?

1. Visit our “Energy Life Healing Series” page which features energetic life coaching through 90 minutes Zoom sessions integrating 60 minutes of deep DNA repatterining through movement and mindfulness training and  30 minutes of deeply rejuvenating qi emission healing.  Each series of session work is customized to address the unique core patterns that may be creating blocks in the client’s health, emotional states and spiritual growth.   The work is highly shamanistic and transformative–designed for people who want to really delve deep to resolve core issues that may be holding them back in life.

2.  Visit our professional medical qi gong certification program to learn how you can craft a career in helping others re-pattern their core energies to achieve higher levels of physical, emotional and spiritual health. Call or text 512-468-6588 to schedule a free one-hour class.