About Aiki Healing

Walking the Talk of High Energy and Mindfulness

I help clients reclaim their energy and restore their sense of true self–the self that is buried under layers of stress.

As I help clients let go of stress, they experience some wonderful side effects of the work:

  • Their bodies get sculpted and stronger.
  • They develop an inner glow that shows up on their faces so they look younger and more vibrant.
  • Their emotions and mental states become sharp and focused.
  • They enjoy life more–relationships, job, family, become sources of happiness instead of life pieces that drain energy.

I GET what you are feeling. I can remember a time when I was working in the high tech field, getting wonderful results for clients but feeling so exhausted and brain foggy everyday no matter what I tried.

I was encouraged by my acupuncturist to take my first formal qi gong class with Dr. Arnold Tayam, head instructor for some of Standford’s Integrative Medicine department and founder of Longevity Center.

From that moment on, I discovered that I am very capable of reviving my core energies and reawakening my brain and spirit to craft a life that brings me more energy each day and joy.

As a certified advanced medical qi gong practitioner, I believe it is in everyone’s power to restore their core energy and remember their true selves–and more importantly live it!

At age 56, I can truly say that I’m living the life I have always dreamed in walking my unique path–and sharing what I’ve learned along the way to help others.

I look foward to helping you rediscover the true you.

Diverse Training and Experience

Chinese Medicine

I LOVE Chinese medicine. I love it so much that I distinguished myself in the three-years residential medical qi gong program at the Longevity Center and Institute (San Jose, CA) by completing extra clinical hours under the guidance of Dr. Arnold Tayam, professor of medical qi gong at Five Branches acupuncture college and Stanford’s Integrative Medicine Department and dean of the Infinichi program at Yo San University.

Simultaneously, I completed acupressure certification at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, CA with an emphasis on integrating medical qi gong (qi emission) into session work.

I also apprenticed for over three years with Master herbalist John C. Fung in customized herbal medicine, and quickly became one of the few herbalists in this country who researched the interactions between herbs and western pharmaceuticals to create unique formulations that help clients who are taking western drugs, chemotherapy and other allopathic treatments to get the most of those therapies in terms of reducing side effects and increasing effectiveness.

Similarly clients who cannot tolerate allopathic drugs and therapies, have truly enjoyed the consistent efficacy of Aiki Healing custom herb formulations in terms of improving challenging chronic conditions that were unresponsive to traditional approaches.

Adding to my passion for herbal medicine, I discovered the use of essential oils from a Chinese medicine perspective. Thanks to my mentor, licensed acupuncturist Camille Vardy, I became the the editor of a project on behalf of master Jeffrey Yuen, L.AC that involved the creation of a 174 page transcription of his oral teachings on the applications of essential oils on acupuncture points.

Now, you know the secret behind the tantalizing scents of the Aiki Healing studio–every aromatherapy blend is custom made and hand-blended with attention to activating the energy points of the body–so that when you walk in the door, you begin to experience a healing effect.

Recently, I have embarked on the integration of stone medicine according to principles of Master Jeffrey Yuen so that each qi gong class and bodywork session is enhanced with the wonderful helpers of crystals. I work with all three energy layers (Wei qi, ying qi and Jing) with crystal healing protocols to awaken clients to their deepest potential.

Cognitive Science, Education & Psychology

I LOVE to learn. I also hold certifications as an educator (K-12 special education, 1-6 regular education) and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Applied Learning and Development acquired at U.T. Austin with an emphasis on understanding how human brains process information and learn.

Graduate studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies in the integral counseling program, allows me to be truly present to my clients and really hear and understand the challenges they face emotionally.

One of my executive clients commented, “Kay, what I really love about seeing you is that you really hear and get what I’m sharing–and that means so much to me and makes me feel like I can get through this crisis.”

I LOVE to write and share. I have served as an editor and contributing author on textbook projects ranging from study guides for Chinese medicine to genetics and astronomy lessons emphasized holistic methodologies for publishers such as Holt, Prentice Hall, and Silver Burdett Ginn.

The Aiki Healing Qi Gong Blog has over 200 articles on healing and stress reduction, many of which have been featured on sites such as Your Tango, and Selfgrowth.com, two of the largest self help websites on the internet.

Self Development

When not working on Aiki Healing projects, I enjoy being of service to my eldery parent who glows in her golden years, learning from my supportive older brothers, spending time with my fabulous cats Stormy and Cosmo, and nourishing friends and community members.

I also LOVE to train qi gong, tai chi and bagua with Dr. Arnold Tayam for the sheer joy of it and so appreciate his continued friendship and support throughout the years.  I also engage in self growth with Inga Larson, MSW who encourages me to consistently delve into deeper aspects of the internal work needed to stay focused as a spirit being in this human body.