Ascend Your Communications to a Higher Vibration

October 29, 2010 9:43 pm

In this era of fast paced emails, texts and other electronic communication, people can sometimes overlook the value of taking time to ascend vibrations through authentic and sensitive communications.

There is a commercial for one of the wireless carriers where the woman is sitting  at a cafe with her boyfriend. She enthusiastically  prompts him to read his email, which reveals she has broken up with him. The man is flabbergasted and speechless as she rattles on about how her extended minutes and expanded internet access allow her to email and text more.  She then picks up her cell and calls him, although he is right in front her,  to reinforce the break-up email. He looks confused and dazed while she seems oblivious to the man’s angst or discomfort.

Of course, the scenario in the commercial is  exaggerated for dramatic effect–yet, it is amazing how many people often use technology to avoid communicating with people directly and sensitively. Thus, a lower vibration in how we communicate  becomes a norm in our high-tech society.  The human quality of empathy gradually erodes.

Having said that, there are times when it is appropriate to use technology to enhance relationships. For example, when you have relationships with people who are far away, in other cities or countries, email and chat can be vital tools to staying connected especially when people take the time to craft thoughtful emails that are deeply personal. Still, when conveying important information, it is often important to invest the energy to follow up with a timely voice call as sometimes emails or texts do not always get delivered.

Emails, when composed mindfully, can  create a sense of intimacy by allowing other people to get a sense of your internal world–but  email is not a substitute for taking the time and effort to pick up the phone or communicate in person more directly.

Also, there are also certain circumstances, when one might need to use electronic communications to create deliberate distance.  For example, when dealing with people who are energy takers, it is best to keep them at an arm’s length.

Energy takers are people who eagerly receive all that you have to share, but rarely go out of their way to reciprocate. They are often confused about what they want in life and do not know exactly where their heart energies rest. When asked to reciprocate giving from their hearts, they usually withdraw as they do not have the internal cultivation or energy (qi) to give to to others in a sustained and healthy way.  Thus, such individuals move through life perpetually hungry for deeper connections, yet they cannot seem to manifest balanced and open relationships.

Interestingly, energy takers tend to use email communications in a withholding style–sharing only the briefest of one-liners.

As you may recall from my previous blog post on email communications, one-liners often communicate a lack of effort on the sender’s part.  In dating situations, the one-liner approach often kills romantic chemistry by demonstrating that the sender of such emails is not willing to put energy into either talking by phone, face-to-face, or to even writing a more in-depth message. Thus, one-liners often communicate avoidance more than respect or courage to express one’s self authentically.

Elevating Communication with Chinese Yoga (qi gong)

Interestingly, the way people communicate can shift and change when they engage high vibration arts such as qi gong.

When people share breaths  and movements, it unites everyone so that each person experiences the essence of another person fully and without judgment, and develops an appreciation at a deep level that leads to valuing communicating in fuller ways and sharing of themselves in self-less ways.

I often watch how my students communicate after a workshop and notice the warmth and high energy that abounds–the love simply floats in the air as people take time to share with one another profoundly and in a way that just cannot be captured in an email, text or online chat.  In that space, they are fully present, ascending the ego and just being with others in a very natural and holistic way.  Then, when they re-connect in email or chat, it is deeper and richer.  I recently got an email from a workshop participant who shared how  much she is enjoying communicating, via email, with another workshop participant who lives in another city.

I often advise my clients to align themselves with people who have this commitment to valuing higher frequencies of energy in their communication and interactions.

It is also wise to actively step away from people who are not demonstrating a higher energy in the way they are communicating–for our words and how we choose to share them reveals much about where we are in our spiritual path and growth. When you choose to align yourself with like-energy people, a synergy emerges that enhances the growth of your body, spirit and mind in a profound way as opposed to interacting with those who are in a lower energy space.  So, don’t be afraid to let go of people in your life with whom you do not feel an energetic harmony, especially on a communication level.

We can all improve the quality and energy of communications by taking  a deep breath and asking these simple questions the next time we sit down to email a family  member, friend or business associate, “Is the way I am using the media truly conveying a deep respect and selflessness in how I interact with others? Am I truly honoring the person on the other end? Is what I am sharing most appropriate for the media or is it better shared in person?”

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Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT

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