Ascend Your Core Energies

December 10, 2009 11:17 pm

coreenergy1In a changing world, ascending our core energies are critical to creating a reality that is positive and aligned with light.

What is the core energy? If you imagine a bright light in the center of your being, running from the crown point of your head, down the spine.  That is the core energy.

At birth, we all have core energies that are perfectly attuned to the frequency of love and God. Yet, as we experience life, we allow our emotional responses and core beliefs to change the frequency of that core energy.

Sometimes the energy of emotions and internal messages are so thick that it occludes our ability to visualize and access our core energies.   Thus, the core energies may become more dim and less vibrant energetically.

We can restore the higher vibration to core energies with these strategies.

Let Go of the Ego

The ability to accommodate versus assimilate experience impacts your ability to let go of ego.

People who have a lot of emotional baggage tend to assimilate experience. Such  people attempt to make  experiences fit into their internal beliefs, instead of modifying beliefs to fit what is being presented.

For example, if someone has experiences that lead them to believe that , “No one can be trusted”, they will tend to interpret authentic and trusting behaviors suspiciously and with closed energy. They assimilate their experience of others to fit that paradigm that no one can be trusted.  They create a reality based on the perception of being surrounded by people who are not trustworthy.

On the other hand, a person who is accommodating experience will tend to change their internal beliefs around not trusting others to “I can trust some people,” when they meet a person exhibiting trustworthy and authentic behaviors.

It is the ego that wants the security of assimilating new experience into the framework of internal beliefs and patterns of emotional history. Thus, assimilation gives the illusion that the experience is predictable and fits within our internal constructs–and when interactions and situations do not fit those constructs, we experience discomfort, anxiety, frustration and other negative states.  Thus, ego often creates disharmony in relationships by  feeding misperceptions and emotional reactivity.

Yet, when we let go of ego and accommodate experience–we step out of comfort zones.  We begin asking, “Am I truly perceiving experience accurately or am I filtering experience through set constructs and expectations that allow me to only have a partial view?”

Accommodation allows us to open ourselves to transforming core beliefs that may not be serving us.We then can let go of emotional baggage so that our capacity to experience life is more full and multi-faceted.

So, we adjust our internal constructs to meet the experiences that unfold in our lives.

Activity: As you move through the week, observe how many times you try to make experience fit your internal paradigms of what you think life “should be” or how people “should be” versus accommodating to develop new ideas of what life is or what people are.  How often are you hearing positive words a negative because of internal programming and expectations?  How often are you taking positive gestures for granted because internally you have convinced yourself that positive things do not happen to you?

Honor the Physical Vessel

We transform our core energies each time we nourish our physical bodies.  Therefore, almost all spiritual traditions have a physical practice designed to evolve core energies.  In Taoism, those arts are tai chi and qi gong and martial arts. In the Aryuvedic system, it is yoga. In other spiritual traditions, movement and prayer are combined as in the dances of Native Americans.

Thus, movement, especially forms that integrate prayer and meditation, is a way of accessing core energies and integrating the physical self with the less tangible self of spirit and energy.

Activity: How often do you allow yourself to move your body in a liberated and free way that inspires a greater connection with your core energies or with God? Try free form dancing with the intention of feeling God’s high vibrations move through your body. Just move and dance–laugh and smile. Feel the divinity of a higher power dance within you.

Nourish the Emotional Self

Surround yourself with people that are abundantly supportive on a feeling level. People who are comfortable with experiencing the full range of human emotions are usually also comfortable with acknowledging and supporting the feelings of others.

Yet, many people are very uncomfortable with feelings;  they shut down communication or withdraw by changing the topic when feelings are strong. These same people may have great communication skills in their professional lives that involve little emotional content, but struggle in personal relationships.

Activity: How comfortable are you with staying engaged in communication when you are experiencing strong emotions? How comfortable are you with allowing other people to see your emotional states and vice versa?

Nourish the Spirit

When we engage in activities and interactions that nourish the spirit, our core energies become more refined, brighter and closer to a divine frequency of energy.

It does not take much time each day to nourish the spirit. One can integrate spirit work into everyday life by taking five minutes every few hours to simply connect in with God and feel his loving presence. We can do this by simply noticing the blessings He has provided for us each day.

We can also integrate spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation into our day.  These practices help to build selflessness and mindfulness, two critical qualities that help us to deactivate internal messages that are negative and that hinder the vibration of our core energies.

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Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT

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