How to Access Energy of High Vibration Moments

December 13, 2012 9:21 am

The day of 12/12/12 brought a potential of high energy to every person on the planet. This subtle shift of frequency was present but not often seen except by those who cultivated a connection to nature and their internal and external flows. I challenged some of my advanced students of qi gong to observe the energy that day and share what they experienced. Here are a few sharings:

  • I felt that sensation that one gets after a strong thunderstorm and rains have cleansed the skies…a sense of heightened clarity and lightness that abounded first in my chest, then gently this sensation spread throughout my entire being.
  • I felt as if I was time stepping–walking through realms today as if day dreaming and yet I knew that I was not.
  • Today, during my practices I felt a greater amount of energy flowing through my body as if a switch had been flipped softly.
  • Waves of peacefulness and glimpses of other realms came to me–you might say I had an increase of creative visions where I could imagine other beautiful worlds and colors.
  • I felt light in energy and suddenly all the little things that I worry about became so clear in my mind as being “little.”
  • I could see all my earthbound patterns weighing me down–my attachment to comfort zones and familiarity, my denial of my own entrenchment in this material world, and my refusal to see how thoroughly I have avoided coming fully into a spirit based life.

So often these days of higher vibration are ignored in our overly busy society. Challenge yourself to start noticing the energy of nature around yourself and you may gain new eyes to practices and habits in your life that will allow new growth. One of my students shared, “Kay, today I finally got the “Gathering Starlight” five treasures movement in a profound way and felt the starlight energy as tangible energy circling my head and infusing me with light! Wow!”

What will you discover on the next high energy day in your journey?