Boost Abundance with Fair Energy Exchanges

May 5, 2019 1:21 pm

Five Element Approach to Fair Energy Exchange

Creating a fair exchange of energy in relationships is critical to health and well-being and can inspire a sense of joyfulness in interacting with others.  Let us examine how the five elements play a role in the cultivation of a fair energy exchange in our relationships.

When we cultivate a sense of high integrity in our relationships, we naturally behave and communicate in transparent ways that are committed to a fair exchange of energy.

When metal is weak, we may lose our sense of integrity to conduct ourselves in a fair and equitable manner. If metal is too strong, we may be defensive and imagine that we are being attacked on some level. 

Excessive metal energies often are experienced by people who have suffered trauma or PTSD –such that their metal energies have become hypervigilant. Thus, such individuals may be very mistrustful and reactive in energies, putting up protective walls versus being open.

Signs that metal may be imbalanced in our relationships may be health issues where your immunity is low and you get sick frequently.

We can balance our metal energies with qi gong practices and energy bodywork sessions that regulate the lung and large intestine meridians, and with neigong practices to work with the metal jing.

Our introspective element of water allows us to sit quietly with the lessons of a relationship to gain deep insight about our own internal issues and also to better understand the issues of others. 

The water element is also associated with life force energy or jing. Thus, when our water element is well balanced, we literally flow with more ease in relationships because we have insight into how our individual and combined issues are manifesting through the relationship.

When people have a weaker water element and yin wei vessel, they may get stuck in the narration of their past relationship issues, resulting in denial of unresolved emotional traumas, issues, patterns and habits.  

A sign that your water element may be imbalanced in your relationships is that you may suffer from low back pain, knee issues, low energy/adrenal exhaustion and hormone imbalances.

Qi gong movements that activate the kidney and bladder organs and meridians, as well as self-massage of pericardium 6 point can help regulate the water element and the yin weivessel.

Relationships with balanced wood energy thrive with creative and spacious energy that empower people to not only discover more about who they are as individuals but how the relationship itself can serve to create a synergy of growth.  

Compassion and empathy are high in such relationships (fostering a mutual exchange of energy). As well, there is a commitment to positively moving through natural states of anger, irritation or frustration. 

There is a resilience, like the willow tree, that comes from the flexibility to bend, versus being rigid and unyielding when differences occur between people in wood based relationships, and a commitment to mutuality in resolving challenges to serve growth. 

If your wood energy is imbalanced in your relationships you may experience high blood pressure, joint pain, and nerve dysregulation.

Qi gong wood movement practices and wood based energy bodywork sessions are a wonderful way to support the wood element expressing itself through our relationships.

Fire provides that spark that encourages us to find new ways to interact through our spirits, whether the relationships are personal or business.  We naturally feel lit up and attracted to people who are coming from their heart fire energies, expereincing their lights as naturally supportive, intriguing and charming.

When fire energies are imbalanced in your relationships, you may experience challenges with heart beat irregularities and circulatory issues.

Qi gong movements that activate the heart and small intestine meridian and the governing vessel may be helpful to reawaken the fire energy to inspire reciprocal social exchanges in a way that fuels passion and social connectivity.  Our Aiki Healing energy bodywork sessions through our life balancing program can also target the fire element very specifically to create new levels of healing.

Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries! The earth element allows us to create healthy boundaries and centeredness in connecting with others.

A common factor that leads to an imbalanced exchange of earth energy is the existence of unclear or vague boundaries in relationships, or the pushing of boundaries despite the clear communication of firm boundaries.

When the earth element is imbalanced in your relationships, you may experience digestive issues, muscle aches and brain fog.

When we engage qi gong movements or energy bodywork sessions that support the fire and earth element together, we are empowered to set appropriate boundaries and exhibit discernment to be in relationship with those who can respect our boundaries.

Now that you’ve explored how the five elements impact the cultivation of relationships based on a fair exchange of energy, take time each day to approach your qi gong and tai chi practices with a renewed appreciation for how they are helping you build harmonious interactions with others in your life.

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Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT

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