Certification Resources

The meridian meditation and review series is a required course “textbook” that allows you to deepen your understanding of the energetic blueprint of the human body to enhance your qi gong studies and practices.

Each recording provides a 30 minutes meditation on the meridian followed by a lecture of the medical qi gong perspective of each point along the meridian pathway. A written study guide accompanies each audio guide so you can easily refer to diagrams and a chart of the points as you listen.

Remember to download the files to your personal machines and devices for best playback.

Download the lung experience.

Download the large intestine experience

Download the kidney experience.

Download the bladder experience.

Download the liver experience.

Download the gallbladder experience.

Download the heart experience.

Download the small intestine experience.

Stay tuned for the links to the stomach, spleen, triple burners and pericardium meridians. Those files are being updated and will be online soon.