Change Your Thought Patterns to Help Your Body Drop Weight

October 9, 2014 5:20 pm

bluesittingyogaThe self talk that we engage in has a lot to do with how our bodies hold onto weight. For instance, if you give your power over to stress to say, “This event or incident now has ruined my day,” you will tend to engage more in emotional eating or not follow through with your exercise routines because you feel defeated by life.

Notice how many times in a day you give your power over to situations. Notice how many times in the day that you tell yourself that life is rolling over you. Yes, life can be challenging at times and even overwhelming, but we do not have to give in to that challenge by allowing our minds to characterize each stressful moment as a defeat.

Practice transforming thoughts into positive affirmations especially when it comes to weight.

For instance, if you eat a food item that is high calorie and high fat, think,”I really need to do more exercise or limit other calories for the rest of the day, ” instead of, “Well there goes my diet!” The latter thought will make you feel helpless and lead you to a continuation of poor eating habits.

Similarly with exercise, if there is a day that you miss your routine (and it will happen because we are all human), recommit with, “Tomorrow, I recommit to my 3o minutes walk.”

A lot of self talk also has to do with putting down the bodies that we have. This leads to sadness and despair that can cause you to actually overeat and have more difficulty with nourishing your body with exercise and other healthy habits.

This article can help you find reasons and affirmations to love your body–and self nourish by care-taking that glorious vessel in which you dwell with love and acceptance.

40 Reasons to Love Your Body

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