Create a Spiritually Ascended Community

December 4, 2009 11:22 pm

community2In this stressful world, building a network of high vibration friends is a critical tool to staying healthy in body, mind and spirit.

What is a High Vibration Person?

People who have a high vibration or deep resonance in spirit typically:

  • Possess highly refined communication skills and use active and empathic listening.
  • Share from their heart centers; they are authentic people who show what they feel and feel what they show.
  • Are very positive and supportive, the type of friends who bring understanding and uplifted energy to interactions.
  • Usually have a tangible spiritual practice that is focused in aligning them with the source power of God. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are church-goers or meditate each day, but they have some type of practice that they rely on everyday to maintain their connection with God.
  • Have worked through emotional issues from the past  such that they are not engaging others from the space of emotional baggage.
  • Have developed a lifestyle of nourishing the body, balancing emotional/mental energy and live a life that nourishes the spirit.
  • Are highly self aware people such that they understand their emotional world and impact on others.

When you are a person with a high vibration, people with high energy are  naturally attracted to you. People  with a  lower vibration energy may also seek your friendship because they intuitively know that they will feel more uplifted in your presence.

People with low vibration include:

  • Individuals who create emotional drama.
  • Individuals who lack the skills to communicate positively–they interrupt frequently, jump to inaccurate conclusions, anticipate responses , and project expectations or emotions onto others unfairly.
  • Individuals who use coarse and negative language.
  • Individuals who have no or little spiritual  alignment with a power higher than themselves.
  • Individuals who allow fears to predominate their lives and interactions, who experience high levels of anxiety and anticipation, and who act out emotional baggage in relationships.
  • Individual who use addicted behaviors to cope with life.

Five Steps to Creating a Community of High Vibration Energies

  1. Be discerning. Notice if there is an alignment between thoughts and behaviors when you meet someone new.  Do their thought patterns, beliefs, language and behaviors reflect a higher vibration? If not, perhaps interact more from an acquaintance space than a close friend space.
  2. Join activity groups that emphasize high vibration interests such as volunteer work, meditation, taiji, healing classes, and healthy cooking.
  3. Call high vibration people into your life.  Sit down quietly and meditate on the image of a community of like-minded, high vibration people.  See yourself amid these people and actively invite them to come into your life.
  4. Be willing to step away from relationships that are lower vibration.  We cannot welcome in higher energies if our lives do not have space for the higher energy.
  5. Create and host high vibration gatherings — form a reading group  that shares ideas about spiritual readings, or host a potluck for people who want to discuss ideas around spiritual ascension and cultivation.

Remember, that being part of a high vibration spiritual community can also exist intangibly.  In the Taoist traditions, one can be part of a spiritual community that is lineage-based. For example, people who study Master Ni’s works and embody higher virtues might be part of the Ni lineage of spiritual cultivation and are spiritually linked with ancestors and other people who share this tradition.   Thus, the community is not geographically based, but spiritually based.

We all need a sense of community to feel supported in life and to prevent feelings of loneliness that naturally arise when one enters a higher realm of spirituality that is more rare.  By consciously building a high vibration community, you empower yourself to elevate your spirit and ascend your being with love and comrades.

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Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT

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