Create a Higher Vibration by Fine Tuning Your Life

May 11, 2009 8:57 pm

Part of the journey of evolving as spiritual beings is consciously transcending our behaviors and actions to those of a higher vibration.  Why is that high vibration important? It attracts love, prosperity and peace of mind.How do we cultivate this high vibration in a world filled with stress, and with many demands pulling on us in different directions?

(1) Mirror Activity–Take Five Minutes to See Yourself for Who You Really Are

Each day for five minutes, take time to truly sit with you who really are, strengths and flaws.

Some people hold deep illusions about themselves. These illusions may be positive or negative.

People  may see themselves as unappealing or not beautiful, when truly they are a reflection of  God’s wholeness and light.

Some people see themselves as honest, caring and loving, when their actions are dishonest, uncaring and not very loving.

The vibration of self illusion is naturally low as can lead to not only being self destructive but also inadvertently or deliberately hurting others.

By gazing at the truth of our strengths and flaws, we empower ourselves to celebrate what is strong and transform that which is weak.

(2)  Create a Check-In for What You Choose to have in Your Life

Notice who and what you choose to have in your life.

Often times I hear in life coach sessions, I want to be positive but I am surrounded by negative people.

While we cannot change the families to which we are born, we can choose to create boundaries to keep dysfunctional members of families at a distance, instead of allowing ourselves to be caught up in their drama and toxic patterns.

Some people have attachments or addictions to these toxic relationships.  This attachment can be a form of avoidance.

If one thinks,”Well my life is crazy because of my family,” it prevents one from taking responsibility for one’s own issues that create chaos.

Similarly, we may work in environments with toxic individual and may not have the option to distance ourselves from such individuals.

To set boundaries with toxic individuals:

  • Communicate to others that  your expectation is to have positive interactions and model that behavior.
  • Be willing to say “No, I will not engage this negative dynamic” and encourage the person to engage you when they are in a more positive space.
  • Be proactive–toxic individuals often collect a “laundry list of wrongs” that they unleash when they’ve reached their limit of stress. You can diffuse this by being proactive to seek feedback from others and engage in dialogues about how to improve relationships and team work before the dynamics of what you are doing and what they are doing become problematic.

In friendships, notice if you are surrounded by people who exhibit healthy communication, honesty and ability to face life without denial or dependence on habits that are self destructive and facilitate denial.

Unconditional love of friends does not mean that you should welcome into your life the toxic patterns of people you care about–sometimes the greatest love is tough love–the kind of love that says, “I care for you but will not have your toxicity in my life.”

(3) Notice how you Physically Feel around People

So often we ignore our body signals.

Negative emotional states and energy a create biochemical changes that impact not only our own health but those around us.According to Dr. Dr Shara Cohen, who  has an Applied Biology Degree and a doctorate in immunology, “Negative emotions can intensify a variety of health threats and distress-related immune dysregulation may be a core mechanism behind a large and diverse set of health risks associated with negative emotions.”

If you feel run down, tired, or ill after spending time with certain individuals, a factor might be that you are absorbing the toxic emotional energy they are exuding.

You can test this theory by simply stepping back and seeing if you feel better. If so, then chances are that your body is picking up on the toxic energy and responding.


By looking at ourselves authentically and surrounding ourselves with positive people (and setting appropriate boundaries with people who are less than positive but with whom we must engage contact because of family or work situations), we can transcend our lives such that we are soaring above strife and negativity and embracing the serene peace and love that God makes available to each and every one us.

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Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT

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