Elevate Your Heart Vibration With Qi Gong

November 27, 2009 9:18 am

heartenergy1Have  you ever met someone whose vibrant heart energy was reflected brightly in his eyes, charismatic smile and in the nourishing way he interacts with others?

This is a person that inspires others to feel uplifted and happy around him.

This is a person with heart energies fully open and nourished.

When our heart centers are unobstructed, we can shine love and receive it most fully.

We also have a higher sense of self awareness when the heart is open. We actively seek to know, connect  and share our emotional states housed in the heart center.

This openness  allows us to interact with others in an emotionally intimate way, a key for sustaining romantic relationships and deep friendships.

Have you ever shared the essence of your heart through actions or words and experienced a lack of reciprocation or acknowledgment of the gift you shared?

It is possible to have some pleasure in such interactions (as there are many people living love-less relationships who are happy), but there is a tremendous difference in vibration when both people allow themselves to open their hearts to embrace emotional intimacy and share love in a more profound way.

People with open heart centers also possess a high level of self-love and acceptance which allow them to  trust and love others deeply, and receive love.

When the heart center is open, we have great faith in our abilities to love without agendas and do not fear that love will not be reciprocated.

For true love is not about what we can get back from others.  True love is not attached to an ideal that it must result in that long-term relationship.

True love is about the simple act of having the courage to open the  heart to express the essence of spirit without expecting anything but acknowledgment.

Thus, open-hearted people love without egoic attachments, meaning they are selfless in accepting that they  are always improved by the experience of love even if relationships do not last.

The heart becomes more expansive each time we allow ourselves to love if we allow our heart centers to remain open.  In contrast, our hearts become less capable of love, if after a disappointment in love, we  close our hearts.

Often times people become accustomed to living with a closed heart such that they cannot see they are withholding  heart energies from themselves and others. This closed state has become their natural state.

Signs that the heart energies are blocked include:

A long list of prerequisites that need to be met before one can trust and extend love to others.

Have you ever met people who have a long laundry list of criteria that must be met before they can trust others fully or fall in love?

They carry their lists around in their hearts and consider it red flags or deal breakers if other are not meeting their checklists of qualities.

Yes, it is healthy to know what one needs to experience in others to  feel safe and trusting, and to actively seek those qualities.

But, it becomes an act of fear and avoidance to use such a checklist to justify not extending trust or heart energies to others.

Ted had a list of qualities, habits, and lifestyle issues he considered important as prerequisites for falling in love.  During dates, he would adopt an interview style, asking questions to probe if his dates possessed these qualities. If a date expressed that she did not possess a quality on his list, he would see that as a red flag and be cautious about extending his heart to her.

Often times, women would smile and say, “Thanks for spending time,” and yet would decline to return calls or date him further. Why?

Nothing kills chemistry faster than a closed heart.

When the heart is open, even casual interactions become more vibrant and fulfilling.

Have you ever chatted with a complete stranger , whom you’ll never see again, yet  felt a warm heart glow and a new understanding  about whatever you discussed?

That is open heart energy in action–it allows us to interact in a profoundly deep way such that a soul connection happens.

As  you move through your week, notice how many times you require that certain criteria be met before you truly shine your heart energies on others. or allow yourself to receive the heart expressions of others.

Challenge with expressing empathy during difficult moments in life.

When our heart energies are fully open, we stay connected to feelings when challenges occur.

In those who have blocked heart centers, a disconnect with the emotional and spiritual self occurs. This makes it difficult to access empathy.

People who engage in this type of disconnect often emphasize an intellectual approach to interactions and attempt to solve problems instead of offering  empathy or emotional comfort.

Ryan lost his wife of nearly 20 years and was distraught.

Sue, a neighbor, was not a person with open heart energies although she considered herself very giving and compassionate. When she interacted with Ryan, she was so uncomfortable with  his grief, that she would try to problem-solve ways to “make him feel better” asking if she cook for him, or help with other tasks around the house.

While Ryan appreciated the offer, he experienced her offer as empty and not soothing. What he truly desired was a friend whose heart energies inspired offering a hug or empathic words that acknowledged his feelings, “I imagine how much you are hurting and am so sorry. May I give you a hug or just sit with you in sadness?”

Notice how comfortable you are with sitting with your own feeling states and the states of others.  How willing are you to respond from a feeling space instead of an intellectual space when others are hurting?

Challenges with self awareness and self acceptance.

Often times when heart energies are blocked, we develop hidden aspects of self. We may not realize there is pain, grief, anxiety or sadness in the heart because we are disconnected from what is in the heart.

It is these unseen areas that often create conflict in relationships. For instance, if we are unaware that we are holding old pain in our hearts, we may move through relationships in a protective manner, still enjoying experiences and interactions with joy, but not fully committing our hearts to what we are experiencing.

We may give the impression we are in love and go through the motions of expressing love, but truly our hearts are not fully in it.    Thus, a disconnect between what is in our hearts and our behaviors occur, and this can create pain for those who are meeting us with an open heart because it creates an energy of inequity.

Cultivating the Open Heart

In the Taoist tradition, there are specific movements in qi gong that open up the heart center.  A quick set of breathwork and visualization can be found here:  Spiritual Prosperity: Illuminate the Heart Energy

Also, many of the movements of the five treasures open the energetic circulation and help to nourish the heart.

The National Qi Gong association has a free DVD on their website that you can view online.  Click on part four for the specific movements to open up the heart qi:

Healing Wave Video

Realize that as your heart opens like the petals of a lotus, different emotions may arise. So,  take it slow and easy. Do not rush the process but let the unfolding happen naturally.

Surround yourself with friends and family who have open hearts so that you have support in your journey as your raise the vibration of your heart center.

After all, the heart center houses the shen or spirit–so every breath and conscious choice that we make to free blockages in the heart, elevates the vibration of our souls.

Once the heart is fully open and expansive, you’ll find that it will be natural to surround yourself with love in its many forms and give it. You may also feel more inspired to step away from people who are not meeting you with open heart energy to create spaces in your life for people who are willing to meet you with open heart energy.

Surely, each one of us deserves to experience the blissful feeling of sharing at the most sacred level, the heart energy level.

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Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT

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