Energy Boosts Your Ability to Access Abundance

September 4, 2016 8:03 am

Amid the soft summer breezes of sunny San Jose, the energy of transformation unfolded in a subtle way.

Sometimes through concentrated furrowed brows of students,learning the Infin8 bagua forms.

Sometimes through the uncontainable giggles and laughter that we shared over meals and long conversations with Sifu Arnold Tayam and his gentle senior disciple Alex.


Left to right: Edward, Senior Disciple Alex, Rosanna, Eileen, Sifu Tayam, Kay, Thomas, John and Moriah at Longevity Center qi gong intensive retreat.

The alchemical forms of qi gong activate different parts of self and reveal what we need to transform, such as self consciousness, self criticism, thoughts of entitlement, a tendency to want to rush through or over-do and “get it” right away, or patterns around not feeling truly worthy.

These patterns can play a role in how far we are willing to extend ourselves to create the lives we want. It can reveal the limitations or chains we put on ourselves, as well as reveal the vast potential of what lies inside each one of us.

Do you ever feel that you are just on the edge of creating exactly what you want and need in life, but that as you reach for it, it moves further away?

This is the result of internal patterns that create a subtle vibration that gently resists the abundance that is your natural birth right.

As Sifu Tayam shared, “Enlightenment is your birthright.” Abundance is your birthright.

When we work with lineage level teachings, we begin a new pathway of growth that allow us to access more of that birth right.

Abundance grows. Cultivation deepens. Life begins to pop in new ways. Opportunities manifest.

For instance, after the workshop, I had a influx of new clients and appointments–whoosh!

Other participants experienced?transformation in family relationships, new energy for their businesses with the launching of new websites, and diminishment or insights of chronic health issues.

So, the workshop wasn’t just about learning new movements or forging new bonds with a community of like-minded people.

It was about receiving a transmission of the mystical sketch of life force essence–knowing that each one of us will develop the sketches into full paintings with unique colors and details.

It was about unlocking the potential of energy in each one of us–and giving ourselves permission to be true students of life and nourish the seeds of wisdom gently in our own individual way.

If you did not have a chance to attend the retreat experience in CA but want to gain the “whoosh” of energy that we experienced, join me for a monthly recharge exploring many of the concepts and energy flows taught at the workshop.

The cost is only $50 and includes a vegan snack and herbal tea.

Location: Country home studio.

Please RSVP to and I will send you the link to complete your registration and custom directions.

Sept. 25th Sunday 10 am to Noon

Oct. 23 Sunday 10 am to Noon

Nov. 13th Sunday 10 am to Noon

Blessings light and love,

Kay Hutchinson McNeill