Happy New Year 2018

February 16, 2018 12:27 pm

This is the day–a new energy beginning–the year of the earth dog. Beginnings are very important in Chinese medicine as are endings.   The new year arrives in Texas at 11:-06 am.

To prepare, settle the mind and make a conscious effort to let go of old patterns in your thinking. Embrace a new positive mind set and take a few moments in the hours between 11 am and noon to journal some self growth affirmations of what you would like to manifest in the New Year.

Click here for the video demonstration of these powerful points.

Sit quietly on a chair with feet grounding flat on the floor.  Perform three pulling down heavens.

Touch into the power points along the body in this order to activate a flow of awakening to receive higher vibrations and increased energetic and spiritual support.

Touch and hold for about 10-15 seconds as you breathe deeply. Your intention is to settle energy and welcome the higher vibration energy, information and support.

Crown point, upper lip, throat, mid chest, solar plexus and the spot about an inch below your belly button.

End with 3 pulling down heavens to settle the energy.  Feel renewed and prepare for the new year.  Relax.