Increase Oxygen and Health with Qi Gong

September 10, 2007 2:07 am

Qi gong on the beach.One of the most powerful forms of cancer-prevention and cancer management exercises is qi gong, a gentle form of healing exercises from China that is similar to Tai Chi.

Qi gong movements not only help us to increase our levels of oxygen to detoxify the body but also specifically impact internal organ systems in a focused way.

For example, some qi gong movements target the immunity system by working the lung and large intestine energy pathways, said to be related in the Chinese medicine system to abundant immunity and the ability to heal more quickly after surgery or when faced with challenges such as cancer.

Other qi gong movements such as the Taoist Five Kidney movements targets the reproductive organs to improve fertility, protect against reproductive disease and cancers, such as enlarged prostate, prostate cancers, ovarian cysts and fibroids and cervical/ovarian cancers.

Other qi gong movements combined with qi gong self massage, target the spleen and stomach, to reduce nausea (often experienced by people who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation).

A balanced qi gong routine will gently work all of the internal organs to revitalize health and create strength beyond cardiovascular or muscular levels.

When searching for a qi gong instructor to address prostate cancer or other reproductive organ pathologies, ask if the person has a background with clinical applications of qi gong. Such teachers are trained to customize movements to specifically address different types of cancer.

Whether you practice qi gong, bike, swim or walk, all exercise is beneficial because it increases oxygen levels, improves circulation, helps to detoxify stress chemicals and strengthens the internal organs and external muscles and structural system.

Thirty minutes a day is optimal to gain health benefits, but even shorter periods of exercise will enhance health.

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Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT

Kay is the founder of Aiki Healing, a practice of medical qi gong dedicated to increasing the energy and well being of clients across the body, mind and spiritual levels. Email or call her today for a personalized consultation or bliss bodywork session. 512-468-6588