Lower Blood Pressure Naturally with Liver Balancing Foods

March 15, 2008 4:07 am

Spring time is often referred to as “liver time” in Chinese medicine. Thus, we may see an increase in spring time with conditions that have an energetic root with the liver.

The most common liver imbalance that I see in my practice is the energy pattern of liver yang (fire) rising, which may manifest as:

*High blood pressure.
*Headaches at the top of the head or migraines.
*Red eyes.
*Digestive upset.
*Joint, ligament or tendon issues.

To balance liver yang rising and its manifestations, try adding foods to the diet with a cool energy property such as:

*Peppermint tea.
*Chamomile tea.
*Dandelion greens (add just a touch to your usual salad greens or cooked green dishes).

Other liver friendly foods include the root called burdock, often available in health food stores.

This long brown root has powerful blood detoxifying effects and also can help to clear stagnation of the joints.

To prepare burdock, peel the brown layer and wash well. Slice the root into julienne strips and include in soups or stews.

Like anything natural, shifting liver imbalances takes time but it can be done with diligent attention placed on diet and on reducing stress.

Qi emission healing sessions with a liver focus can also help significantly. This type of qi gong session helps to reduce stress and calm the flow of energy within the liver and other internal organs.

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