Medical Qi Gong Wellness Programs

Prevent staff burn-out, improve health, and foster better team-ship with customized workshops that blast away stress.

According to the Harvard Medical Guide on Tai Chi, wellness programs have achieved a return on investment of $3-$15 on each dollar invested into these trainings.

Aiki Healing helps you increase that return with deeply restorative and customized medical qi gong workshops.

Aiki Healing is the only practice of medical qi gong in the southwest that uses proprietary movement and meditation forms that were originally developed by Dr. Arnold Tayam through his work at the Stanford Integrative Medicine department.

Some of our clients include Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, court appointed counselors of Travis county, staff counselors of the Northern Independent School District in San Antonio, Healing with Horses, equine therapy center, Austin Discovery School, and

Facilitator Kay Hutchinson McNeill, founder of Aiki Healing, has over 20 years experience as an educator and therapist in the fields of medical qi gong, Chinese medicine and stress management life coaching.

Limited time offer: 2-hours revival staff workshops:


All customized workshops include customized Chinese aromatherapy, Chinese medicine emotional balancing, detox flows, and stress management tools from the system of medical qi gong.

Integrate Medical Qi Gong Bodywork Therapy into Your Staff  Health Care

Our qi emission bodywork healing sessions are deeply transformative with results that linger long after session work. Herbal and nutritional guidance is included in each session, along with strategies for self-healing techniques.

1 Hour Dual Therapist Medical Qi Gong Session: $280

1 Hour Single Therapist Medical Qi Gong Session: $140

Want ongoing medical qi gong classes or session work at your organization?

Contact us today for a list of qualified medical qi gong therapists trained in the Aiki Healing method who can serve your organization.