Move Past Life Stagnation

April 11, 2010 6:39 pm

Have you ever had moments where life seems stagnant and procrastination seems to rule? During times like this, it can be difficult to perform the usual daily tasks and meet the demands of your lives.

These simple strategies can help you break out of stagnation to keep energy forward moving.

(1) Stay in the Moment

Often times, we get ahead of ourselves by pondering on all the things we need to get done in a day.  This can create a  sense of being overwhelmed so that the simplest task can seem enormous.

When we stay in the moment, we are able to focus on accomplishing the task before us, feel the emotions that are with us, and connect more deeply with the people around us.

A quick way to bring yourself to the present is to breathe deeply and simply put your mind on the rise and fall of your chest.

Then, take a moment to pay attention to what is around you. So often, when we are moving through life in auto-pilot, we do not notice what is right before us.

So, breathe, take a moment to notice what is around you and make an observation or comment–perhaps share a complement with a loved one–or express to yourself appreciation for what you are seeing.

(2) One Step at a Time

Remember that blocks can make you feel as if you cannot take any steps. So, focus on one step at a time.

Qi Gong and taiji are excellent training tools for taking one step at a time. In qi gong, I often instruct my students to remember, to complete one move and be with one move, before they allow themselves to shift their weight and change postures. This helps to train the mind and the body to take one step at a time and not rush ahead.

The movements are also a form of self assessment because we often do not realize we are rushing to the next step without focusing on the current one until movements show us that.

Thus, qi gong and taiji can be a very powerful form of building self awareness.

(3) Break Goals into Achievable Pieces

Remember that you do not have to do everything at once. Break your goals into smaller pieces. For example, if your home is filled with clutter, instead of saying, “I need to get rid of all the clutter,” pick one area, perhaps a table top or counter top to declutter, and feel good about clearing that one area.

Over time, you will declutter your home and in that process also free your energies.

(4) Allow Yourself Down Time and Rejuvenate

Sometimes stagnation occurs when we are simply exhausted and depleted.  Allow yourself down time to just rest and rejuvenate.  We are a fast-paced society and often hold messages that it is not okay to slow down–that we must be productive every moment we are awake.

Yet, resting and rejuvenating is productive–it allows us to recharge so that we have more energy to meet the demands of our lives.

Or you can go for a short walk, perform qi gong or taiji, or simply close your eyes and drift while listening to soft music.

In the beginning, thoughts will try to come into your mind and redirect you from relaxing to “working,” but gently redirect your attention to the task at hand–relaxing by breathing and being in the moment.

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Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT

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