Natural Relief for Allergies

October 10, 2007 2:44 am

Note with any herbal remedy, please consult your medical physicians and a trained herbalist as to the appropriateness of using herbs.

Natural Antihistamines

I use Gaia Brand Nettle Leaf  with standardized fluid extract in my clinical practice because it has one of the most energetically potent and bio-available forms of nettle leaf.

Quercetin is an anti-oxidant found in the peels of apples and red onions. It is anti-inflammatory and may help address prostate cancer, reduce depression in addition to being a natural antihistamine.

Many forms of quercetin supplements are formulated with  bromelain, a digestive enzyme from pineapples, which can help relieve inflammation of sinuses.

Chinese Pre-Made Herb Formulations

Pe Min Kan Wan: addresses  sinus congestion, runny eyes, and runny nose.

Be mindful that some Chinese pre-made formulations contain dyes or preservatives.  Plum Flower Brand and Gan Cao are two brands that I use in clinic as they are free of dyes, chemicals and preservatives.

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