New Year Cleansing Meditation

January 4, 2009 10:55 am

meditation qi gongAs the New Year approaches, take a moment to enjoy an audio meditation designed to help you cleanse your energy to fully welcome in the New Year energy.

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Why is cleansing important? Think about your energy  as a beautiful room in a peaceful mansion. If that room is filled with clutter, it becomes stale and obstructed.

On a daily level, we encounter a variety of experiences that contribute to clutter such as:

  • Anxious thoughts where we spin on the possibilities of the future instead of grounding ourselves in the present moment.
  • Sadness, disappointment, grief and anger.
  • Physical tension in response to stress.
  • Negative energy that others might express.
  • Bombardment of stimuli from many sources (television, traffic, work demands, etc.)

Take five minutes each day, several times a day,  to use this mediation to cleanse your energy. You’ll be amazed how much more you can welcome new love, blessings,  achievements, and creations into your life.