Augment Your Certification Studies or Energy Life Healing Sessions with our On-Demand Stress Relief Videos

Need to de-stress and reconnect your mind, body and spirit? These donations-based classes are for you!

Filmed in segments, these hour long videos can be used to do 5-10 minutes stress breaks, stretching out over a period of a week or so.

Graduates of the Aiki Healing program: these classes count toward CEU hours to keep your certifications current.

Also check out our audio meditations–totally free! They can help reduce PTSD, fatigue, anxiety and chill your moods.

Not sure which video to engage first?
Use this simple guide.

Adrenal exhausted, fearful and feeling disconnected between your physical self and spiritual self?
Click here to access the hour-long class filmed in segments.

Don’t have one hour? Try this 18 minutes invigorating flow–quick easy yet comprehensive in balancing the different layers of internal energy. You can even break this up into 5 minutes increments.

Revive Feminine Energies Class:  These practices will nourish the divine feminine at a deep level with integrating of essential oils (geranium, rose, sweet basil).

Liver DETOX: Can’t sleep, have migraines, PMS, joint pain or other signs of liver/gallbladder toxicity?

These one hour classes detox your liver and gallbladder and bring you a deeper sense of compassion — feel your  anger and frustrations melt away.

Liver Detox 1  Thee gentle quiescent movements require no prior experience.

Liver Detox 2  A more vigorous practice of standing and a combination of seated practices.

Wood Abundant Building Practices:  These gentle practices will get your joy and abundance flowing.

Invigorating Liver Detox Flow: Who says qi gong is always slow and meditative? These practices will get you blood flowing!

See this sample from our longer invigorating flow practice.

What Makes Aiki Healing Classes and Wellness Programs so Unique?

Aiki Healing brings a vast energetic and spiritual depth to qi gong that is highly unique and sourced in the lineage of three powerful strands of Taoist masters:

  • Dr. Arnold Tayam: (shifu of medical qi gong, taiji, qi gong movement and infinite bagua): Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, Grandmaster Sun Zhi Jun, Grandmaster Liang Shouyu, Grandmaster Feng Zhi Qiang, and Grandmaster Jia Shusen.
  • Master Hua Ching Ni (Cosmic Tour Bagua)-74th generation Taoist master.
  • Jeffrey Yuen 88th Generation Jade Purity Priest

Our lineage-based style of teaching allows our clients to experience the depth of energetic principles directly through the movements and mediations–and the effects of learning in this way lingers long after the classes to help transform the way that clients move through life.