Mindfulness Movement Classes that Fit Your Budget and Schedule

qi gong, feel your qi.

Medical qi gong movement training blasts away stress, sculpts your body, and retrains your brain to relax.

Aiki Healing offers business wellness programs and private individual training both in person and via our online classes.

To find out more about our wellness programs for organizations, please visit our Wellness Programs page.

Private Qi Gong Movement and Life Coaching Integration Experience: Training that Fits Your Budget and Schedule

We wrap mindfulness and life coaching into our movement sessions to deliver to you a powerful tool to calm your mind and energize your body so that you walk out of the session more vibrant than when you started.

Stress drains your energy and can make you feel alone and helpless.


Aiki Healing is here to stand with you to enable you with to transform stress and increase energy not just during the hour of the class but with tools you can integrate into your every day, in every hour of your life to expand your energy and life.

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Can’t get out to the studio for the in-person experience?  Budget tight? Aiki Healing has the perfect solution for you. Visit our library of donations-based, ON DEMAND streaming classes. You set the price and pick the time you want to engage the content.

Graduates of the Aiki Healing program: these classes count toward CEU hours to keep your certifications current.

Take me to the video library now so I can de-stress.

Not sure which video to engage first?

Here are some quick guidelines.

Revive Adrenals Class

Adrenal exhausted, fearful and having trouble grounding yourself?

Try this one hour long adrenal restoration class.

This journey takes you on a peaceful experience of qi gong style self massage and very gentle movements that restores your vital essence.

Can’t sleep, have migraines, PMS, joint pain or other signs of liver/gallbladder toxicity?

These one hour classes detox your liver and gallbladder and bring you a deeper sense of compassion — feel your  anger and frustrations melt away.

Liver Detox 1  Quiescent movements that require no prior experience.

Liver Detox 2  A more vigorous practice of standing and a combination of seated practices.

What Makes Aiki Healing Classes and Wellness Programs so Unique?

Aiki Healing brings a vast energetic and spiritual depth to qi gong that is highly unique and sourced in the lineage of three powerful strands of Taoist masters:

  • Dr. Arnold Tayam: (shifu of medical qi gong, taiji, qi gong movement and infinite bagua): Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, Grandmaster Sun Zhi Jun, Grandmaster Liang Shouyu, Grandmaster Feng Zhi Qiang, and Grandmaster Jia Shusen.
  • Master Hua Ching Ni (Cosmic Tour Bagua)-74th generation Taoist master.
  • Jeffrey Yuen 88th Generation Jade Purity Priest

Our lineage-based style of teaching allows our clients to experience the depth of energetic principles directly through the movements and mediations–and the effects of learning in this way lingers long after the classes to help transform the way that clients move through life.