Power Qi Gong Helps you Lose Weight: Day 2 October Weight Balancing

October 2, 2014 8:12 pm

qigongstretchHow we exercise makes a difference in how our bodies burn calories.

Interval training involves a burst of activity at about 90% of your capacity for 1-3 minutes followed by an interval of 1-3 minutes of more moderately paced activity. This style of cycling the body through more intensive movements helps to burn more calories and revs up the metabolism.

A simple routine is to increase the pace and range of the Five Treasure movements found in my relaxation video. Use this video to reference the movements then double and triple time the pace of these slower movements. Yes, yes–I know you all want me to develop a power qi gong video of the movements that I teach privately–it’s in the works. Meanwhile, book a Skype or in-person power training using qi gong–and we can video the tape the session so you can review and work with it away from session time.

When you perform power qi gong movements it not only delivers the benefits of interval training but goes a step deeper to condition your core emotional, physical and spiritual energies by activating the energy pathways or meridians in the body–something traditional western internal training exercises cannot do.

This form of exercise also requires you to be fully present. This prevents injuries and encourages you to mindfully use micro-muscles that help to build true core strength not just on a muscular level, but at an energetic level.