Qi Gong Facilitates Integration of Parts of Self and Empowers You to Create the Life You Want

November 5, 2013 7:15 pm


We all have dreams for the lives that we wish to manifest yet often times we create obstacles that have a deep root in how we mange the energy of our past experiences. Medical qi gong and energetic forms of body work can help us to dissolve the energy of our past experiences to influence our thought patterns positively so that we can manifest the lives that we wish to create.

Often times, we engage in a process of compartmentalization that prevents us from understanding that we can integrate our playful, creative selves with our professional work selves.  This integration shows up in the negative thought patterns that emerge when we envision our dreams.

Take a moment and visualize a dream that you want to manifest or something that you wish to change about your life.  Breathe and simply observe your thoughts.

When you have processed the subconscious emotional energies held in your past experiences, especially experiences that you had when you were a child, the thought patterns that emerge tend to be positive such as:

“I see this dream and can take pieces of the feelings around this dream and bring it to the tasks at hand.”

“Although challenging, I see how I am already bringing this dream into reality. “

Thus, these positive thoughts become a living, breathing energy that help to bring the dreams into manifestation.

However, negative thought patterns can be an indicator that you have not yet processed the emotional charges of past experiences:

“There’s no way I can bring that dream to reality because I have too many work things to do.”

“I never have time to do the things related to my dreams.”

These negative thought patterns are rooted in the emotional charges or energy stored from our young experiences where parents, care givers or other significant people in our lives told us that we were limited, and disintegrated, and judged us for wanting to express the very things that make us unique, creative and playful.

These early experience led some of us to perceive ourselves in parts–the task driven, serious self or the creative, playful self.  Interestingly, successful entrepreneurs have a common pattern of integrating the creative and playful parts of self with the logical, goal oriented parts of self such that they are able to create innovative products and services that allow them to compete effectively in the market space.

We can use medical qi gong as a form of movement and bodywork to consciously guide energy to those parts of self that are still stuck in the past and generating negative thoughts that create our own obstacles. Specifically, we can use the qi gong movement called “Pulling Down the Heavens” to gently integrate and connect our creative selves with our tangible professional lives such that we can bring creative playfulness to our professional work tasks and responsibilities in a relaxed way. This is a skill like any other, that all of us can learn to do.

For example, when I have a tedious administrative task to complete for my practice such as entering clinic notes into the database, which is time consuming and can’t really be done by anyone else by myself since I’m the one who knows the details of the session work with clients–and the entering of such data also sparks new idea for directions of healing protocols, I first begin the task by engaging in “Pulling Down Heavens.” with the intentionality of integrating the playful musician with the professional practitioner. I simply imagine, through each pull of the movement, that my creative self is merging with my logical self while gentle energy washes through any negative thoughts that say that this integration is not possible.

Next, I start singing the client’s  names as I enter the information into my database.  Immediately, my right brain becomes more engaged and the task feels less tedious and more fun. It’s kind of interesting because new melodies and rhythms come to mind as I’m entering case data, and these inspirations allow me to create new songs or tracks that make their way into my qi gong audio meditation tracks or the music that I create for myself to relax.

Similarly, I may have a paint program on in the background and take “art breaks” to nourish the artist within and the very young part of self that would rather be playing with crayons than working. This kind of approach and intention to nourish the child within myself while I am working as the professional adult “Kay” is critical to not feeling overwhelmed by the many responsibilities and tasks that are necessary to run a business effectively.

This ability to activate our capacity of integration and develop skill with shifting  mind states is enhanced by a regular practice of qi gong for energetic movement gives us a sense of our levels of integration or compartmentalization. It also gives us tools to liberate energies and unite parts of self in a relaxed way that nourishes all parts of self.

My life coaching clients often experience “ah ha” moments of integration when we start playing with concepts through art, movement or using our voices and sound creatively. So often, they comment, “Wow, this is actually fun–I am working through issues in a playful way–a way that I didn’t think was part of being a serious or responsible adult.”

The next time you feel stuck about manifesting a dream and feel limited by the life you have created, take a moment to use the “less than 15 minutes” qi gong workout in step one of my Siminar webinar, to align yourself and connect with all parts of yourself including your creative and playful self, and the parts of self that allow you to achieve practical and concrete tasks. Use this intentionality of evoking awareness and unity through your qi gong practice  to create deeper integration within yourself, and in doing so, you’ll find yourself empowered to live in the current moment, and access the joy of the dreams you wish to manifest.

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Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT

Kay is the founder of Aiki Healing, a practice of medical qi gong dedicated to increasing the energy and well being of clients across the body, mind and spiritual levels. Email or call her today for a personalized consultation or bliss bodywork session. 512-468-6588 aikihealing@gmail.com