Qi Gong & Bagua Heals Deepest Layers of Self

September 12, 2011 7:41 pm

We are at a critical place in our planet’s cycle of energy that is about renewal and shaking off the old messages and patterns that keep energy vibrations low.

During such times, energy is shifting and changing rapidly.   Thus, people may experience insomnia, higher levels of depression and sadness, challenges with staying physically healthy, and relationship conflicts.

Yet, practices such as three energy layer cleansing with qi gong,  qi gong circle walking, and bagua (also performed in a circle) are very effective tools for energetically navigating the terrain of external challenges and stressed and harmonizing that with our internal worlds.

Circle walking spirals the energy to create a deeper awareness of how old emotional programming can impact the way we choose to view ourselves, relationships and stressful events.

For instance, as we walk, we may notice the internal self chatter of negative thoughts interfering with our abilities to step smoothly and with focus.  Thus, we have an opportunity to consciously shift our focus to creater a smoother flow in our walking movements, which then shifts our internal thoughts to a more positive space that allows us to feel connected to a greater matrix of living and loving energy outside of ourselves.

As one student discovered, “It’s very difficult to bash myself when I have to focus on keeping one foot in front of the other in this heel-toe style of walking. I also love how the movements give feedback to me if my thoughts are wandering–because when I get off track with my thoughts, my footsteps falter.”

Thus, with each step of the circle walking, we have an opportunity to heal deeply and in a way that is cyclic, allowing quiet spaces to simply observe and notice what is happening with our feelings, bodies and spirits as we step, (passive and yin cycle), and providing a way to process and release what is happening (active more yang cycle) in a way that gives us energy and restores health and balance.

It is often in the space of circle walking that people realize how their choices and behaviors alienate themselves from others.  Thus, the circle walking allows us to transcend the illusion of “being alone and unloved,” by liberating us from the patterns we tend to create and project onto others–patterns of unlovability that cause us to push others away or imagine that others are criticizing or unloving when in fact, we are the ones who are mistrustful or creating distance.

Circle walking also helps us to identify that we are walking out of rhythm, sometimes preferring the familiarity of steps that are wobbly and connected to thoughts such as:

“I am hurting and don’t have the energy to change how I walk.”

“I am entitled to walk in a way that is comfortable for me even though it keeps me wounded.”

“It’s too scary to walk differently.”

“I don’t deserve a smooth, centered walk.”

“It  is unfair that I have to change how I walk–I am comfortable where I am.”

Yet, the simple act of circle walking or other forms of detox qi gong can liberate one from such destructive thoughts and shift them to:

“I am hurting yet I am walking in a centered way.”
“I walk uncomfortably at  first yet heal deeply.”

“I walk through fear.”

“I deserve a smooth, centered walk.”

As one student shared, “When I am walking in circles or engaging in the energetic layer cleansing,  I feel a spiraling energy like a vortex, connect me to my family, my friends, and to all other humans on this planet. Then I feel myself connect to all things in our solar system.  I branch further out with each step and circle to connect with all things that exist in this universe and beyond.  As I finish my last movements, I return to the space in which I stand and feel that powerfulness of feeling one, settled, and loved.”

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Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT

Kay is the founder of Aiki Healing, a practice of medical qi gong dedicated to increasing the energy and well being of clients across the body, mind and spiritual levels. Email or call her today for a personalized consultation or bliss bodywork session. 512-468-6588 aikihealing@gmail.com