BLISS Session Boosts Your Energy and Blasts Away Fatigue

Reconnect with the Real You

Imagine a session experience that replaces fatigue with higher energy and reconnects you to the true you, the healthy and vibrant self that you know exists underneath the layers of stress.

Our clients tell us that the following effects of our sessions LINGER long after they leave the studio:

  • Glowing skin and more youthful appearance.
  • Deep states of relaxation and mental calmness.
  • Reduction of chronic fatigue and pain.
  • Higher states of energy–a feeling of being lighter and more alive.
  • Emotional clarity and mental focus.

Why settle for an ordinary bodywork session when you can have a “revitalize your core self” that stays with you long after you leave the session?

Each session includes:

  • Custom Chinese aromatherapy.
  • Nutritional/Herbal Consultation (if needed)
  • Emotional Balancing
  • Energetic/Spiritual Balancing
  • Stress management strategies to keep that blissful feeling in between sessions

To get the same benefits of our energy booster BLISS session, you would have to pay for:

  • A massage therapist to work out those stress kinks.
  • An esthetician to give you a facial to get that skin glowing.
  • An aromatherapist to shift your moods and brain waves with essential oils.
  • A nutritionist to rebalance dietary factors that may be draining your energy.
  • A boat load of mindfulness/meditation classes to reset your stressed brain wave patterns.

All at a cost of over $350 in fees–plus your precious time and energy running to all of these appointments. Who has time for that?

Make your life SIMPLE!

Book an energy booster BLISS session today. Experience higher levels of energy and melt stress right now.

60 minutes energy boost BLISS session: $140

Many FSA, HSA and some health insurances will cover stress reduction therapies. Aiki Healing is also a PayPal Credit company that offers zero financing for six months for our BLISS sessions.