Energy Life Healing Program

Reconnect with the Real You

Imagine a series of 1.5 hour-long life transformation sessions that replace fatigue with higher energy and reconnects you to the true you, the healthy and vibrant self that you know exists underneath the layers of stress.

Who is the ideal candidate for this type of work?

Aiki Healing clients are people who want to do deep work and are committed to a series of appointments customized in frequency to their needs to obtain the optimum results. They are clients who already have strong and solid health practices and are looking to refine the connection between body, mind and spirit deeply with regular training. They are people who have already done deep internal work and are looking to go to that next level of transformation. Many of our clients are healers or people in service positions.

The energy life balancing series helps clients to rewire their DNA or Jing layers of energy through these special training sessions that integrate 60 minutes of qi gong movement/mindfulness expansion and 30 minutes of medical qi gong bodywork for those who visit the studio in person . For distance clients, we offer 45 minutes of qi gong movement/mindfulness expansion and 45 minutes of guided self acupressure and health coaching.

How does it work? We will work together in that first session to identify the energetic issues that may need transformation in terms of helping you to have optimally health across a body, mind and spiritual level.

Next, Aiki Healing will design a custom curricula and system just for you that integrates qi gong movement training to repattern your core energies, crystal healing from the Chinese medicine system, energy bodywork and life strategy “homework” practices that allow you to self heal and grow at a deep level.

Some topics that clients have enjoyed are:
Studies of the I’Ching and its applications to healing and life.
Understanding energetic gene keys and how to transform deep DNA level patterning.
Resolving prenatal energy patterns that are impacting life as an adult.
Ascending core level energies to new dimensions.

In general, this training is six to eight months, but the length can be customized to fit each person’s unique’s needs.

Our clients tell us that the following effects of our training sessions LINGER long after they leave the studio:

  • Higher states of energy–a feeling of being lighter and more alive–less trapped by old patterns and internal messages.
  • Emotional clarity and mental focus.
  • Deeper sense of core energy restoration and the ability to maintain that energy long after session work.
  • Greater empowerment and discernment to step away from harmful situations and relationships that are not serving growth well.

Make your life SIMPLE!

Call or email me today so we can get started with helping you recover your true self and embrace abundant health and vitality through our energy life healing program.

Many FSA will cover the costs of our life balancing program because stress management and mindfulness training are an integral part of our program.  Aiki Healing is also a PayPal Credit company that offers zero financing for six months to qualified clients.

I am looking for qi gong classes just to move my body and improve overall health–I’m not sure if there’s a specific focus I want to have in the work–just curious about qi gong. Is this program for me?
No. Aiki Healing can refer you to teachers that have graduated from our school that focus on stress reduction through qi gong through their session classes and workshops.These sessions are idea for someone just beginning a journey of qi training and exploration and who may not have specific goals other than training their energy for health and stress reduction purposes.
I am in struggling to be healthy or facing other crisis in my life? Will this program help me?
No, this program is for people who have already achieved stable health and lifestyle who want to delve into self growth at a deeper level.

Does this training and coaching include massage?

No, Aiki Healing does not perform massage. This bodywork portion of the session work is classical medical qi gong energy healing performed off the body and involving energy emission over classical points of the body. This is not a touch therapy per se but a form of deep energy restoration. All sessions are performed with the client fully clothed.

Does Aiki Healing perform acupuncture?

No, Aiki Healing does not offer acupuncture but is happy to refer you to colleagues who are licensed to use needles. Medical qi gong is often thought of as “needle-less” Chinese medicine because we use energy instead of needles to impact the flow of the classical meridians and internal organs.

Clients often comment that the results with energy emission are deeper and longer lasting compared to classical acupuncture.

What might I experience in a session?

Deep relaxation, reduction of pain, calming of emotions. Be sure to hydrate well after each session and eat simple and light foods for the best results. Different emotional feelings may also arise. Sometimes a healing crisis might occur after this style of energy healing where old health or psycho spiritual issues rise to the surface then clear permanently after 24-48 issues. If you experience a healing crisis please call 512-468-6588 to receive free after-session support that can help you to move through the healing crisis in the most positive and beneficial way.

Who is the ideal candidate for this type of work?

The ideal Aiki Healing life balancing client is someone who is eager to do deep life transformative work versus coming in for a sore back or isolated health issue. It is a person who wants to work deeply across all levels of self to get at deeper patterns that may be showing up physically, emotionally and spiritually or someone who wants to engage a module of studies in an area of interest about transformation or patterns they are noticing in themselves.

A friend described resolving a serious health issue at the Aiki Healing clinic years ago.   Can I book a clinical session specific to working with some serious health concerns that I have?

At this time,  Aiki Healing is only accepting new clinical clients through the intern clinic of our three years medical qi gong certification program for specific health concerns.

The life balancing program is more comprehensive stretching across repatterining emotional and spiritual patterns that impact health, versus focusing only on the health concern.

Call me at 512-468-6588 to discuss if you are a candidate for the Aiki Healing intern clinic which involves Aiki Healing’s Kay Hutchinson and an Aiki Healing intern (a student who is in the third year of studies with medical qi gong energy healing protocols) working on the client simultaneously to create a deep healing experience.  The intern is fully supervised at all times.

There is currently a waiting list for these unique clinical services, so we ask that you please be patient.

Clients will receive a $20 gift cert to apply to the session fee,  as a thank you for participating in the intern program and helping Aiki Healing future graduates refine their skills and protocols.