Qi Gong Builds a Lifestyle of Peace and Reverence for Life

May 26, 2012 6:26 pm

People who visit my country cottage notice the abundance of peaceful energy in my home and often ask me to help feng shui their homes. While the art of feng shui (adjusting the energy of a space to create optimal energy flow) is helpful in cultivating greater levels of energy and peace, one of the best ways to influence the energy of spaces is regularly engaging energy arts such as qi gong, taiji and bagua in the space.

Each morning, the country cottage space is blessed by an abundant flow of energy as I engage the morning practices as the sun rises. As golden rays slowly permeate the cottage space and illuminate it, the energy created by movements such as Dr. Tayam’s rotating heaven and earth form and infinite bagua circle walking create a living spiraling energy that infuses the space with vibrancy and yet calmness.

This energy flows outward to gently nourish the trees and vegetation and wild animals that live nearby. Clients who visit my Westlake office also experience this impact of engaging energy practices. About midway through the class, the birds come closer and sing to us. Thus, cultivating energy is the way of nature which responds when we actively engage energetic practices to deepen our internal peace. Nature is drawn to smooth and clear flowing energy.

When this connection with nature occurs, we naturally develop a greater reverence for life. We become more aware of how we impact the wellness of others who share this planet and take greater responsibility for that impact. This is the mark of true maturity and growth.

Yet often times, people become entrenched in ego and go through life rather blind to the impact that they have on other living beings.

They may engage in practices that harm the physical environment and destroy the habitats of wild animals. They may engage relationships mindlessly without regard of the impact of their behaviors and choices on other people. They may also fail to care-take their own bodies, minds and spirits creating conditions that can lead to early heart attack, stroke or other profoundly serious health conditions.

When we engage in qi gong, it instills in us a peacefulness to not only revere life through becoming more responsible for our choices and behaviors, but also increases our sense of peacefulness such that we are able to have the clarity to choose nourishment over self destruction. That’s a powerful idea.

I encourage you to lay down self doubt and excuses today and begin a simple practice of cultivating peace today. Visit my 12 steps free webinar using qi gong for stress reduction and simply allow yourself to start the practice and notice after performing a step what is around you in terms of nourishing life–notice the sensation of peace increasing…also notice your increased ability to let go of anything that is not serving your soul’s happiness in your life and open the heart to new experiences and people who are truly nourishing to your peace and reverence of life.

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Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT

Kay is the founder of Aiki Healing, a practice of medical qi gong dedicated to increasing the energy and well being of clients across the body, mind and spiritual levels. Email or call her today for a personalized consultation or bliss bodywork session. 512-468-6588 aikihealing@gmail.com