Authenticity Increases Your Energy and Abundance

March 17, 2013 8:21 pm

Many of you are expressing that the start of the year o has been a very important time for soul searching and experiencing breakthroughs of profound awakenings. You have also expressed that along with this awakening has also come a new awareness of the depth of resistant patterns that have been sabotaging your abilities to manifest your spiritual potentials.

On my Facebook page I commented that often there are gaps between where we think we are in our lives and how we actually behave. These gaps or illusions can lead to illness and other states of imbalance. On Facebook, I encouraged you to make two lists, one that is a list of what you believe about yourself and how you are living, and another about what your actual behaviors are. So many of you shared your lists and encouraged me to blog about the discussions that have come about as we’ve talked about these lists.

Here are few excerpts from the lists:

“As health provider, I think of myself as following the path of health and fitness, yet when I list my behaviors, I see that I regularly skip health check ups, and engage in emotional eating with foods that are not ideal for health.”

“I see myself as nonjudgmental and caring, yet my grown kids notice that I tend to behave in demanding or critical ways when I am in restaurants or dealing with others in a service role, or that I project imagined judgment or criticism onto others-so I see that I behave in judgmental ways without even realizing it. It’s like there is a lens of who I think I am that seems clear but when I take off that lens, I see that the lens was giving me a false image of myself.”

“I think I’m a person who embraces change, but when I look at my behaviors, I see that I pout, roll my eyes, and verbalize reasons why I cannot change when presented with opportunities to grow or make my life different.”

How do these gaps form between our actual behaviors and how we think we are moving through life and who we think we are?

Our egoic selves often are driven by emotional patterns and the energy flows of an external world that is out of balance. Emotionally, we may not even be aware that we are aligning with the negative messages coming from a societal level, and allowing these messages to influence our behaviors.

Messages around how we define success in terms of comparing ourselves to those who are entrenched in a materialistic focus, can cause us to feel angst, depression, anxiety, frustration and a disconnect between our three dan tiens, our physical, emotional and spiritual energy centers.

Eventually, this disconnect creates situations that result in financial challenges, relationship erosions, and health issues, all reflections of chronically living in denial of truths. Yet, our egos may create wonderful stories to convince us that we are not out of balance and that we are walking on a path of “success” or “enlightenment.”

Denial is the illusion that we are living truthfully when we are hiding from truth.

Manifestations of denial may emerge as clinging to relationships that are no longer serving us well. Some of us hang onto an illusion of “family closeness and loyalty” and maintain close ties to family members or friends who are negative, discounting and toxic. This is a special kind of fantasy–the idea that if one is loyal enough and just hangs in there, that healing will one day occur such that one will have the support and love that one has always craved from people who are not functioning in a very healthy way. Thus, you might stay tethered to toxic relationships within your families, companies, and social circles.

Some of us may also be tethered to an idea of false spirituality or altruism in believing that success is defined by the ability to reach out to help others through having a high level of material resources to create large altruistic foundations. While this is certainly a compassionate vision, it is also one that is an egoic trap because it is still based on the energy of the money cycle that this world revolves around in terms of making one’s spiritual ability to help others dependent on having material resources, when the truth is that even the poorest person can have a profound spiritual influence on many people.

Having said that, there’s absolutely nothing wrong in amassing wealth but if you do so, it is important to understand that the system from which money comes, is inherently out of balance. When you are aware of the imbalance of this system, then you can take steps to avoid having your life force energy or vital “qi” from being depleted as you amass or use material resources.

Although criticized for being extreme, the two hours documentary, “Zeigist, The Addendum,” does a very good job of describing the energy and flow of money not only in this country but on a global level as well. You can find it on Netflix and other similar movie services.

It is important to awaken to the idea that the modern world in which we live is not governed by a higher energetic force, but is instead dominated by the endless cycle of consumption and the desire to obtain money so that one can then spend even more. This is an eroding versus replenishing cycle and is a system based on illusion. All we have to do is look at the stock market to see how the cycles of money are artificially and easily manipulated. As this imbalanced cycle and system governs so much of our world, it can be easy to get caught up and influenced by it without realizing that we are allowing ourselves to create lives of debt, stress and spiritual angst.


Take a moment to look at the image that you present to the world in terms of where you live, how you live, what you drive, what you wear and then finish this sentence:

When others see me, I imagine that they think I am…

Take some time to email or call a few friends or colleagues and ask, “How do you see me? What image do I present to you?”

Now, take a look at how you really live.
What are the facts that really reflect who you are and how you are living?
What are facts that you tend to hide from others because those facts do not fit how the world perceives you?

What does a life lived authentically look like?

Many of you were aware that a higher volume of higher vibration energy would increase around the winter solstice of 2012. In response, many of you changed your career paths, retired, and embraced new styles of living involving downsizing your homes and returning to a connection with nature by starting food gardens, adding solar power and learning more about the cycles of conservation versus consumption.

New levels of responsibility and self sufficiency emerged in beautiful ways such as making profound dietary changes to eliminate toxins, and committing yourselves to empowering your children with alternative ways of being in the world through homeschooling.

For those who remained on the same tracks of life in terms of holding high debts and living a more traditional, materialistic life, you have another opportunity to align with this higher energy that is increasing in our world, with the approach of the spring equinox, March 20th in the northern hemisphere. In the days leading up to this shift, be open to hearing truths about where you really are in life in terms of your personal cultivations and really challenge yourself to be aware of areas where you may need growth. Be honest and really take stock because the spring equinox is an opportunity to welcome new states of abundance through greater awareness, acceptance and levels of self sufficiency that can allow you to tap into your full human potential versus being chained to the patterns that belong to a greater system of imbalance outside yourself.

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Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT

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