Stone Healing Can Help Shingles and Cancer

August 14, 2018 12:05 pm

Fluorite stones have the unique capacity of helping conditions return to a state of latency. Whether the condition is a chronic virus like herpes or shingles, or a potentially life-threatening condition like cancer that has come out of remission, integration of stone therapy along with western medical interventions can help the body return these illnesses to less active states.

Point stones downward on the spine to send the shingles back down to the base of the spine.

Outbreak of Shingles Significantly Diminished Within 48 Hours

According to Master Yuen, purple fluorite when placed midline on the body, has the potential to send shingles and cancer back into latency.

This principle has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries.

So true.

My shingles outbreak was 80% improved with zero nerve pain within 48 hours with this therapy and the use of home made shi gao (a type of gypsum stone) and ku shen herbal compresses.

I placed the purple fluorite on the lower spine near the sacrum by taping the stones with a band aid after an outbreak of shingles rashes appeared on my body and arms.

Fluorite comes in all five elemental colors (clear/white, blue, green, purple and yellow/brown).  There are also rainbow varieties.

Their etheric, almost glass-like appearance and calcium fluoride content make fluorites  a natural healing stone that reduces stress which plays a role in disease patterns.

The green fluorite can help diminish the itch of rashes when placed directly over the areas.

The yellow/brown fluorite can help clear dampness (excessive fluids) when placed near the solar plexus and spleen under the left rib cage.

The clear white fluorite can help support the lungs and strengthen immunity energy.

The blue fluorite can help diminish water element toxins impacting kidney and bladder.

Keep stones on the body for at least 30 minutes for optimal benefit–it’s even better if you can wear the stones taped to the body overnight.

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