Spiritual Prosperity: Everyday Meditation

December 15, 2007 3:44 am

The true art of meditating is integrating practices into everyday life so that you are empowered transform how you are moving through life.

Breath work
is a meditative technique that can be performed at any time, while sitting in your car during traffic, walking around a grocery store, or playing with your children.

When we focus our minds on breathing, we free ourselves from mind-spinning or anxious thought patterns that keep us in states of stress.

Three Minute Rejuvenation:

Take 1 minute to breathe with a focus on exhalation.

Take another minute to breathe with a focus on inhalations.

Then, take a final minute to breathe evenly, focusing on both inhalations and exhalations.

Positive thinking is another important meditative technique.

Begin noticing how many times during the day you think positive thoughts. How often are you thinking negative thoughts? At least once a day, take time to transform negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

For example, if the thought is, “I hate being stuck in traffic” you can choose to turn on some soothing music in your car and think, “I am empowered to engage this lesson in patience and to choose calmness and deep breathing.”

is another technique you can engage in at any time to relieve stress and engage a more serene state of mind.

Take 1 minute to visualize a place of joy and happiness in your mind. It could be a pristine beach with soothing ocean waves or a memory of laughing joyously with a loved one whose smile lights your heart.

Over time, you train your mind to connect with positive thoughts and imagery such that even in the most challenging of situations, the mind will automatically create calmness instead of stress.

By actively using meditation techniques in everyday life, we reap the benefits and power of a mind that is focused, clear and serene no matter the external circumstances. It takes time, but is achievable for everyone one of us no matter how busy our lives are.

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Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT

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