Spiritual Prosperity: Illuminate Heart Energy

February 15, 2008 4:06 am

This qi gong color visualization helps you to strengthen the energy of the pericardium, associated spiritually with our intimate relationships.

Take a moment to sit quietly off the edge of your chair.

Allow your spine to relax and slump slightly.

Tilt your pelvis slightly up and back to facilitate further slumping of your spine.

Exhale for a long, slow count of five. As you exhale, visualize realizing gray energy from the center of your chest.

Inhale for a long slow count of nine. Visualize breathing in deep red and bright red colors into the heart center.

Continue this pattern of exhaling and inhaling with visualization for two more cycles.

Place your hands palm over palm over the heart center.

Feel the warmth of your hands permeate the heart center.

Imagine the heart center glowing red and vibrant.

Place your hands, palm over palm, facing inward on the lower abdomen below the belly button.

Breathe deeply and slowly as you feel the warmth of your hands, vital energy flooding the lower abdomen and flowing into the left and right kidney.

Relax and feel prepared for whatever lies ahead, knowing that your heart is open and vibrant.