Valuing the Self to Welcome Abundance

March 22, 2011 10:16 pm

Welcoming  Abundance

Spring is the time of the wood element, which is associated with abundance and expansion. We can co-create and welcome that abundance by valuing ourselves in new ways.

Recently, a conversation with a colleague prompted me to ask, “Am I truly valuing the unique services I offer to people?”

For six years, I  have been the only  practitioner in the Central Texas area, offering as a core practice, medical qi gong bodywork, customized qi gong instruction and custom Chinese herbal formulations.

Interwoven in this mix is always my training in integral counseling, that helps clients look at the spiritual issues of their lives and find practical solutions to enhance growth  Yet, in six years, I have not raised my rates  despite increases in the costs of of living, including the herbs that I sell.

So in line with season of abundance and  new levels of  valuing the unique services  that I offer, my rates are changing, effective 4/1/2011. Visit my sessions policies page to discover more about these changes.

Also, please speak with me about delayed payments if you need that option to make session work affordable for your budget as I remain  committed to helping all clients obtain the healing services they need.

At the same time, I also want to encourage clients to engage in higher levels of self responsibility in terms of recognizing the value of their own healing processes and the unique resources shared with them.

In balance, I am also conducting more community outreach classes and workshops that are low cost or free such that there are opportunities for all people to engage in the process of healing. If you are a school, church  or organization that serves the growth of youth and our elderly, or those who are chronically ill or have special needs, please contact me at 512.468.6588 to discover how the Aiki Healing community outreach programs can benefit the people that you serve.  We are in process of teaming with the Ann Foundation, an organization that I have supported for over 10 years,  to develop new programs especially for children who have disabilities or emotional challenges, so please let me know how we may serve you.