Tangible and Intangible Ways to Help Wildfire Survivors

September 17, 2011 7:31 pm

In central  Texas, we have endured droughts and wildfires that have cost lives and homes. Yet, it is amazing that amid all this tragedy, people are reaching out to help in tangible and intangible ways.  Tangible ways include the many donations to help families with basic supplies and rebuilding homes, extending homes to house those who were displaced and donations being collected at the ACL this weekend.

There are a myriad of tangible ways to help as reflected on this comprehensive list from KVUE: Ways to Help the Wildfire Survivors

The intangible ways are manifesting through prayer and meditations where students, colleagues and other practitioners of qi gong, taiji and yoga are actively and consciously sending love and peace as a comforting energy to those who have endured losses.  Many of you have shared the meditation I offered on Facebook of breathing in for a count of five and exhaling for a count of 10 with the intention of sending love, comfort and healing to those who lost homes  or lives in the wildfires.  Please continue that simple yet powerful practice and expand your intentions to the earth herself, and all of nature, including the many animals that were injured.

While visiting a veterinarian clinic in Elgin this week, I saw quite a few animals including donkeys, cows, and horses that were burned in the fires.  One small donkey , unharmed, anxiously gazed out of his pen, while his mother, lay in a pen across, the aisle, recovering from severe burns.  Thus, a whole community of humans and other living beings have been impacted by the fires.

So, today as you go about your weekend tasks, create a waterfall of loving energy.  Take a moment to a visit a donation site online or in person, send out energy of love to animals that were injured or died and volunteer at a vet clinic or animal shelter, take time to open your home to a family that may be displaced, but most of all simply use your wonderful energies and spirits to keep those who are suffering near in heart and mind  for then you will be guided to help in a way that is most meaningful to those in need, either tangibly or intangibly, for we need both to rebuild and heal.

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Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT

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