Visualize to Decrease Stress and Detoxify

September 10, 2007 2:35 am

In the Chinese medicine system, cancer is said to have a hot nature. Interestingly, when we struggle or face challenges, that is also said to create heat—emotional heat.

Visualizing cool light energy, like a refreshing waterfall, flowing over the internal organs, can help to counter the stress of being diagnosed with prostate cancer as well as the heat of the cancer itself.

This visualization is also wonderful for family members who are experiencing stress. Perform the visualization with attention to imagining cool water flowing from head to toe, washing away worry, anxiety, fears and stress.

The qi gong ice-to-mist visualization can be helpful for people with tumor formations. This visualization was taught by Dr. Arnold Tayam (DMQ China) to cancer patients participating in the qi gong program at Stanford’s Integrative Medicine Department with positive results.

Visualize the tumor  or cyst as a block of ice.

Breathe in deeply and imagine that ice melting.

Exhale fully and feel the warmth of your breath melting the ice further.

Repeat this cycle four more times.

After the last cycle, imagine that block of ice fully melted.

Imagine exhaling liquid as mist, leaving the body cleansed, cool and light.

Women can also do this meditation with a focus on fibroids, ovarian and breast cysts.

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Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT

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