12/21/12 Ascend Your Energies this Winter Solstice

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The new winter energy arrives in the central Texas at 5:12 am. It is a wonderful time to engage your qi gong practices and feel the soft, new yin energy flowing in a subtle way.

What are good practices for this winter solstice?

Enjoy this audio relaxation moment to align and center your energies most solidly.

Dr. Tayam’s Infinite Qi Gong, “Rotating Heaven and Earth” is a beautiful transformational practice that can really help you align with the higher energies that have been increasing over the past few years and become strong on this winter solstice.

You can find a video guide to the movements by visiting Dr. Tayam’s website at the Longevity Center and Institute.

Also, this is a good day for creating new balance in your life–if there are things that need to be set right or mended, this is a good day to do that.

Allow yourself some quiescent time to reflect and process the energy of the day–try to take some down time and be still and listen to the guidance that comes from the inward self and from your highest healing energy.

Take some time to laugh and connect with joy, while feeling the love of family and friends.

Feel empowered to let go of situations, relationships and items that no longer fit who you are or serve your growth. Feel grateful for the lessons you have learned from these things and allow yourself to say goodbye with grace.

Discover new ways to be empowered on a self sufficient level. Part of the journey with this new energy is about nourishing yourself in ways that are complete and independent versus co-dependent or needy. At the same time, welcome the abundant support that is available to you in a reciprocal way of receiving and also giving back.

Most of all celebrate and visualize what you want to create with this new subtle yin energy that will set a new pattern for our human species. Send out that vision of hope and love to all.

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