Build Energy and Lose Weight: 15 Days to Fitness and Health

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coreenergy1On October 1, 2014 Aiki Healing began a 15 days health challenge encouraging participants to implement life-changing habits to help achieve and maintain ideal weight. Here are the links to all 15 days.

Day 1: Jump start your metabolism.

Day 2: Power Qi Gong and Interval Training Tips

Day 3: Break the Cycle of Emotional Eating

Day 4: Flush Toxins with Suggestions for Healthy Beverages

Day 5: Lose Weight by Eliminating Refined Carbs

Day 6: Reduce Anxiety with Yellow Fruits and Vegetable Snacks

Day 7: Reflections: Top 3 Weight Loss Strategies Review

Day 8: Get Sleep to Help you Lose Weight

Day 9: Change Thought Patterns to Further Weight Loss

Day 10: Seven Minutes Doctor OZ Body Toning Routine

Day 11: The Truth about Diet Supplements

Day 12: How to Get Past Weight Loss Plateaus

Day 13: Cut Carbs to Lose Weight

Day 14: Quell Cravings with Herbal Teas

Day 15: Increase Fiber To Lose Weight


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