Abundance Flows when Perception of Shortages Diminish

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One of the things that clients often say to me is, “You do so many extra things for me, and in a way  no other practitioner could do.”

Yet, for years, I have always kept my fees very modest in order to make the work accessible for all. In doing so, I did not realize that I was buying into a perception of shortage–the idea that not all people could afford  fees that reflect the unique and deep vibration of the services that I provide.

A dear colleague recently helped me to realize that when we believe  in the energy of abundance, then we also have faith that people, who are determined to heal in deep ways, are also connected to abundance, such that they can attract the resources needed for healing, for God provides to each one of us those things that we truly need–only sometimes we perceive the blessing is not there, so we fail to claim and manifest it.

To celebrate this new understanding in myself and also honor the renewed depth of my training which span the lineages of Dr. Arnold Tayam, Master Ni (OmNi), Jeffrey Yuen, and my studies with Dr. Jingyu Gu, I welcome a new structure of fees which reflects my faith that my clients can attract abundance to continue the work.

For the new changes to all rates, please refer to this page on the site:  Session Policies and Fees .  Essentially there is a change from $90 an hour rate to $107. and 1.5 hours is now $143.00  These rate changes will become effective Nov. 1, 2011.

I know the reactions will be mixed with some of you embracing and flowing with the changes as an opportunity to show gratitude for all the extra things Aiki Healing has given to you over the years, and also as an opportunity to grow in new ways.  Others may feel more challenged to step up to new levels of valuing the level of healing resources that come from Aiki Healing.  I’m happy to help you work through perceptions of shortages to empower you to discover how you can truly afford and deepen the healing work.

Also, healing work is not like other services or products.  While people may delight in getting a Groupon for 50% off a meal at a restaurant and  wind up  frequenting that restaurant, what I have discovered is that when people are receiving deeply discounted healing services, they tend to be less compliant with fully implementing healing strategies and partaking of the level of services needed to produce lasting results. Thus, the “bargain hunters” approach to healing work rarely produces deeper results.   Yet, when people are  connected to and compensating practitioners for  the true value of a service, they tend to put more effort into optimizing that investment by fuller compliance that results in deeper healing.

Thus, this change of rates is also an opportunity for clients to gain more growth through higher levels of self responsibility in the healing journey and greater alignment spirituality with the energy of reciprocity–giving back deeply as one receives deeply.

I’ve had this experience in my own healing journey.   For instance, my  students often comment how fortunate I am to work with the most rare spiritual teachers in my training, and how these opportunities have helped me build balance and joy into my life at a profound level.    These teachers have  premium level fees  that truly reflect the value of their unique teachings–and when I step up to meet those fees, I value that work at a higher level such that I invest the time to study  practice and integrate deeply what is taught to me, and in doing so, I gain great benefits in growth.

Thus, the teacher and practitioner that I am today is the result of teachers and healers who loved me enough to say, “You can reach this higher level–you are capable of affording the advanced trainings.”   It is true. Each time, when I was challenged to meet new levels of fees for deeper training and healing work, somehow God would always provide me with an extra session here or there, or checks from clients who worked with me in the past, who are getting results in their lives today, who just wanted to show me their appreciation (a flow of energy that also comes from my daily  mantra of “Unexpected checks show up in the mail.”).

Also, it is an opportunity to review priorities.  I have often been amazed how sometimes people will share that they are struggling with health or their lives and feel challenged to seek holistic care in terms of time and finances. Yet,  they will  find the time and resources to go on a cruise, buy the latest smartest phones or ipads,  or invest in spa services or other therapies that far exceed the cost of healing work.  So it’s not that they don’t really have the resources, it is that their beliefs around shortages cause them to not make their own healing journey the highest priorities in life.

It can be balanced to allow ourselves these pleasures of material things that make our lives joyful and convenient, but we need to also put as much priority on our own internal treasures of health and wellness, as we do other things that we value in life.  If we can do that, then we achieve fuller results.  So, if you are someone who is struggling to achieve your health goals or balance in your life, examine closely  how you are using your financial resources and time. You might discover that you are creating a situation of shortage by how you prioritize where you place your time and financial resources.  It could be that you are not valuing yourself enough to invest in yourself.

When we are fully committed to embracing and valuing ourselves and the resources that are in our lives, especially  resources that are rare and unique, then we move past partial results and open ourselves to fuller results that then allow us to create rather amazing shifts in health, spirit and the way we attract abundance into our lives.

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2 Responses to “Abundance Flows when Perception of Shortages Diminish”

  1. You are so right. We should certainly be willing to pay for the healing resources that you bring into our lives.

    Posted by Juanita Stephens on November 1st, 2011 9:40 pm

  2. Thank you my friend. I appreciate that. I think we all grow when we value ourselves to find that prosperity to heal deeply.

    Posted by kayhutch on November 10th, 2011 7:40 pm