Break the Cycle of Emotional Eating: Day 3 of the October Weight Balancing Challenge

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breakingfree1On Day 1 we talked about ways to rev your metabolism for the day.

Review that article and make sure you are having a good breakfast to start the day–either Bulletproof style or enjoying a high protein, whole grain breakfast. Journal your foods to become more aware of what you are eating.

On Day 2 we talked about the importance of interval type exercise to help melt those pounds and how you can use qi gong for interval training.

Make sure you are committing to at least 15 to 20 minutes of power workout every other day and longer walks or slower qi gong routines on alternating days–or you can engage the shorter power workout everyday.

On Day 3, we will explore how to battle emotional eating. So many of us eat in a way that lacks consciousness when we are feeling stressed emotionally and physically.

If we are in pain, feeling down, worried or anxious we tend to reach for food to soothe emotions.

We may also crave certain types of foods. For instance, some people crave crunchy foods when they are irritated, anger or feeling hyperviligent or anxious. Other times, people may crave creamy rich foods such as ice cream when they are feeling emotionally vulnerable or hurt. Many people crave sugar when stressed because their adrenal systems are overtaxed, and sugar gives a quick boost of energy. Yet, it is a false boost because within an hour or two the sugar level crashes and one feels even more tired and craves more carbohydrates.

Use these tips to break the cycle of emotional eating.

Identify What you are Feeling

Part of breaking the emotional eating cycle is to notice what you are feeling when you are reach to put something in your mouth. Take a moment and ask, “What’s going on with my feelings right in this moment?”

Match the Feeling to an Activity that Self Soothes without Food

Two activities are given for each emotion. You do not have to perform both to get results. Most activities take less than six minutes to implement so you can engage them on the fly as you move through your day.


(1)Rub the spleen/stomach under the left rib cage in gentle circles and imagine yourself grounding and soothing that anxiety. Tell yourself, “God will take care of all that I feel anxious about.” Imagine a warm and loving energy flooding from your hand into the spleen and stomach. Breathe deeply as you do this for about 1-3 minutes.

(2) Listen to the reduce anxiety free audio meditations that takes less than 10 minutes:


(1) Rub the lower back with the intention of bringing more circulation to the kidneys housed in the lower back. As you rub, breathe deeply and visualize calming blue energy flooding into the kidneys and quelling/washing over the fear. Imagine a sensation of calmness coming into the kidneys as you perform this massage for 1-3 minutes.

(2) Listen to the ocean journey audio meditation and visualize fears diminishing with each moment of the meditation.



(1) Tap the top of the right side of the chest with your left hand then brush down the arm. Imagine sadness, grief and sorrow moving down and out the arm as you exhale through the brushing of the arm. Repeat on the other side. Perform this massage for 2-3 minutes.

(2) Gratitude is an emotion that often soothes the pain of sorrow. Listen to this meditation to build a connection with gratitude and the blessings that exist in life despite the sorrows that exist.


Anger or Frustration

(1) Rub the area under the right rib cage in gentle circles while breathing very deeply. Visualize calming green energy flooding into the liver and gallbladder located under the right rib cage. Imagine calming energy soothing your feelings of anger and notice if there isn’t a component of sadness and hurt under that anger. If so, perform the massage for sadness or sorrow after this one. Continue working with gentle massage for 1 to 3 minutes.

(2) Listen to the forest meditation to calm feelings of anger.

Overly Excited

(1) Rub the very center of your chest very slowly calming the overly excited sensation. This is good to do also when you are not able to rest at night due to stress. Breathe deeply and consciously slow your breath as you massage for 2-3 minutes.

(2) Listen to this heart meditation.

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