Detox, Heal and Grow with our Fall Qi Gong Workshops

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Who says the holiday season has to be about putting on pounds and feeling sluggish?

Qi gong is an amazing form of movement and bodywork that can help you:

  • Detoxify the body at a profound level.
  • Help you manage your weight.
  • Increase tone, strength and flexibility.
  • Turn back the clock on aging to have a more youthful appearance, more physical energy, and brighter spirit.

Approach the holiday season with strong health and a fit body. Reserve your space at our upcoming workshops:

Sunday Nov. 13th: Master Hua Ching Ni Cosmic Tour Bagua

Learn 11 hand postures and the heel-toe circle walking method for detoxifying the body.

Breath work and yin/yang theory as it relates to bagua will also be explored deeply.

Time: 1-4 pm

Free vegan meal served after the quiescent meditation.

Cost: $49 ($150 value)

Register today by clicking here.? Currently full workshop but register so you can be put on the waiting list as sometimes openings occur or I may expand the workshop to accommodate more people if needed.

This will be the last mini retreat offered at this special price, so grab a spot today.

Dec. 2, Friday Mini Detox Workshop

Join us the first Friday of the month for a mini-workshop focusing on detoxifying specific areas of the body.

The December topic will focus on detoxifying the kidneys, with classical medical qi gong movements and breath work.

These healing movements will help you manage glucose, raise your metabolism, improve energy levels and empower your health especially if you have any type of chronic health challenges.

Our kidneys contain essential energy–if you keep them healthy, fitness and longevity increases.

Register by clicking here.

Special discounts if you register before Nov.30, 2011.

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