Energize your Relationships

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sunshineOne of the parts of my work that I enjoy tremendously is guiding people into greater states of awareness of how they are moving through their relationships. One of the most common things that break up friendships or romantic relationships is lack of empathy and pride or ego.

So often partners or friends will give others opportunities to step up to new levels of co-creating the relationship by sharing and listening to needs, and demonstrating giving behaviors, but if the recipient’s mind is in a defensive state or the ego is in the driver’s seat, erosion occurs in the relationship in a subtle way until an event occurs to create sometimes irreparable damage.

How do you truly wake up to what is occurring in your relationships and create positive growth?

Here are some of my most popular articles on the energetics of relationships that you may find most useful:

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Commitment Phobia: How to ?Spot and Deal with It

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to be in touch if I can be of service to your relationships as an energetic life coach. You are wonderful and deserve the best from life, love and friendships.

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