Feed Your Spirit with Infinite Qi Gong

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Dr. Arnold Tayam (DMQ China) graced Austin with his presence in April of 2012 and taught a workshop featuring the infinite form bagua circle walking, a powerful energetic way of balancing not only your body but your emotions and spirits as well. As we go deeper into the energy of the spring equinox, which arrived on March 20th in the northern hemisphere, people may feel a sense of increased energy which may manifest as headaches at the top of the head, joint pain, temporary increases in blood pressure, or tendency towards anger or frustration. The infinite form bagua circle walking can be an important tool to balancing this increase of wood/liver energy that happens at spring time but is especially strong this year. The infinite form creates a gentle spiral of energy that facilitates the release of excessive energy and calming and settling of your internal core energies.

If you did not have the opportunity to join our workshop last year, you can perform a beautiful prelude to circle walking by visiting Dr. Tayam’s website and click on his “Rotating Heaven and Earth” video link. Then, simply practice a heel-toe pattern of walking 8 steps in a circle in one direction, then turn slowly and walk in the other direction for 8 steps. This pattern of heel-toe stepping helps to activate the kidney meridians on the inside of the ankles to create more yinness or fluidity to the kidneys, which then can cool the fire of the liver (excessive wood energy) to help with manifestations described above.

Also, increasing green leafy vegetables especially with a touch of dandelion and other bitter greens can be helpful this time of the year, as well as increasing cucumber and peppermint. Deep green spices such as cilantro, parsley and oregano can also be wonderful this time of the year to balance the body.

On a spirit level, the most benevolent aspects of our beings have an opportunity to bloom this time of the year in unique and new ways. As you perform qi gong through circle walking (either through infinite form or through the simple steps described above), allow yourself to connect in with your deepest compassion and feel that higher vibration nourish your spirit from your heart center outward until all parts of your energy and spirit being are filled with this sense of peace and humbleness. Allow yourself to fully feel then let go of anger at yourself, at others, and at circumstances.

Come into the awareness of the many gifts that have been given to you by your mentors, teachers and helpful friends and spirits–all gifts from God–and truly make a commitment to honoring these gifts by implementing a higher vibration in the life each day through your behaviors.

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