Giving to Others Rejuvenates Your Energy

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Recharging your batteries is as important as eating, exercising and drinking water. How will you recharge today?

I recharge by giving to others in a deep way, extending heart energy fully and openly.

A client and dear friend gave me a Groupon for an organic manicure and pedicure, something I rarely do for myself. While at the spa, I purchased a set of the organic products and yesterday spent some time giving my  mother, an organic mani and pedi along with energy healing on her hands and feet.

Although I had a lot going on internally with my own states, focusing fully on her  uplifted my spirit and liberated me from stress and fatigue. Thus, she felt rejuvenated and pampered, and so did I.

Think about that.

How often do we justify not giving to others by saying we lack time, are stressed, or are overwhelmed by experiences life? Instead of reaching out, we focus on ourselves and in doing so, magnify our stressors and internal feelings that are challenging.

Checklist for Balance:

When you come into awareness that support and help has been extended to you, how do you actively honor those people who are uplifting you? Do you make the time to communicate with them, honor obligations if you have borrowed resources, or spontaneously extend gifts just to say, “Thank you?”

Or do you simply take support and once you’re on your way, just focus on yourself instead of returning that gift of support to the source or someone else?

In conversations, do you give as much space to listen and respond to what others share,  or are you more focused on sharing about yourself and your journey?

Each one of us is capable of creating a life where we rebuild  energy by exhibiting deeper levels of gratitude through our actions.  After all, we can say we are grateful with words, but it is actions that truly demonstrate the depth of gratitude.

So take a moment today to actively demonstrate gratitude and rebuild your energies by giving in new ways and with the heart truly committed to honoring all the blessings in your life.

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