Boost Metabolism, Improve Energy with Guava Leaf

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guavaAn article in “Nutrition and Metabolism” described two studies that show that constituents of guava leaf inhibit the absorption of maltose and sucrose. This absorption can help to control blood sugar levels and may play a role in effective weight management, prevention and management of diabetes. One studies showed that participants who drank guava tea leaf after consuming refined white rice had decreases in blood sugar that were greater at the 30 minutes, 90 minutes and 120 minutes marks compared to participants that ate the same amount of white rice but only drank hot water without the guava tea leaf. In another study, participants who were diagnosed with mild Type 2 diabetes or pre diabetes who drank guava tea leaf with every meal for 12 weeks had lower fasting blood sugar levels than before they started drinking the tea.

In the Aiki Healing Body, Mind and Spirit Weight Balancing event on Facebook, two participants, myself and Nikki are using guava leaf daily. For menopausal women, it may play a role in pushing past weight loss plateaus to regulate how the body is absorbing sugar and may be a helpful natural tool when people are resistant to the metabolism boosting effects of herbs such as green tea.

The taste is not that great, similar to a mild oolong, so it is nice to combine it in a cup with another more flavorful tea.

You need to drink at least three cups a day with major meals or snacks to see a difference in the glucose levels and to also quell carb cravings.

So I ran this informal test. Yesterday, I had a splurge with a chocolate brownie suggested by the host at one of my favorite restaurants for lunch. After a healthy lunch of edamame and okonomiyaki (cabbage pancake), I splurged. I returned to my office and had a cup of guava tea but expected to have carb cravings for the rest of the day and/or a weight gain the next morning as is typical whenever I eat any kind of sugar or refined white flour dessert. I was surprised to find that I did not have cravings (even after a power workout) and no weight gain. Now, I don’t recommend splurging but we are all human. So now, there’s a natural tea that can help buffer those times when you fall off the wagon. Like any herb, our bodies can become immune to it, so stay on it for 4-6 weeks then switch to another type of tea to drink, like oolong or the green tea.

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