Liberate and Transform Your Energy in the Year of the Dragon

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Many of you have shared with me that you notice an increase with emotional challenges in the New Year of the Dragon, which began January 23, 2012.

This year of the dragon is unique in creating the opportunity for higher growth through processing emotional energies in a way to inspire you to:

  • Let go of toxic personal and professional relationships that are not serving highest energy.
  • Create healthier and stronger boundaries to end co-dependent type interactions.
  • Delve into root issues to release old trauma in order to create space for new levels of healing and growth.
  • Discover new levels of self responsibility –taking greater ownership of your own behaviors and feelings.

The practice of qi gong, with its slow and deliberate motions, can be an integral tool in processing emotional layers of self and experience so that you can reap the benefits of the lessons that come from challenging experiences and feelings.

Those of you who attend the Saturday morning class have discovered that certain forms of qi gong circle walking serve as valuable assessment to help you better understand how your emotional energies are flowing. Sometimes our feelings are cloaked by our logical thoughts as we try to talk ourselves out of feeling what we feel. Yet, validating our feelings is perhaps one of the most valuable healing tools that we can use.

The practice of qi gong creates the space to honor and hold feelings, whatever they may be , while validating and processing them energetically.

Thus, when we perform qi gong circle walking, strong feelings may suddenly present themselves and show up in our ability to focus and synchronize our movements with our breath work.

Thus, we discover where we truly are in circle walking–and this awareness gives us an opportunity to drop the cloak of the logical mind and just simply be authentic with where we are emotionally.

After all, the art of life dwells in accepting and expressing the natural flow of emotions as opposed to trying to suppress natural states and create an artificial state of always being joyous or serene. A true mark of enlightenment is the acceptance of all states, not the denial. For instance, if someone treats you in a way that is disrespectful and demeaning, it is natural to feel hurt and sad. Such reactions are healthy because these feelings can inspire new realizations about what you might need to do in your life to grow.

  • Painful moments might signal a need to confront behaviors in positive ways and work through challenges with love.
  • Hurt feelings might also indicate that it is a time to step away from the people who are not honoring or appreciating you, and with whom you have tried to resolve issues, for such a flow of disrespect is not only hurtful to experience but is also toxic. Studies have shown that individuals who interact regularly with people who have controlling, criticizing, angry, passive aggressive or sabotaging energy tend to have lower t-cells, immunity cells, necessary for protecting the body against cancer, and also have a higher incidence of stress related disorders including digestive issues.
  • You might need to put more energy into cultivating relationships with people who genuinely appreciate you and are willing to value you. In doing this, naturally your attention will be more focused on these positive people and less on people exhibiting toxic behaviors.

So during this year of the dragon, notice what emotions come up for you as you move through life, and be assured that when strong feelings arise, it is a sign that you are in process of clearing out the life positively. Use your qi gong to help discover the lessons held in feelings and move forward with the confidence of knowing that step by step, just like in circle walking, wobbles are natural and an opportunity to grow even more grounded and centered in crafting a life filled with interactions that are truly balanced and healthy.

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