Qi Gong Audio Meditations Help to Heal Neurological Injuries and Train Alpha State Brain Waves

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hopeSo many of you enjoy the spoken meditations we do in class or during session work. Now you can access an album of these meditations free from this blog post. These meditations were recorded with the music of Kevin McLeod, who creates a variety of free music for meditations.The resonance of music harmonizes well with the meditative states of brain (alpha brain waves) and help you to relax most fully.

What makes these qi gong meditations unique?

They are designed to activate specific energy meridians and organ systems that play a role in resolving specific physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. For years, clients have been sharing how helpful these meditations are as well as the custom ones that I design for clients.

As a thank you for the clients who inspired me to develop these tracks, they are now available free to access through your computers, iPads and smart phones by clicking on the links.

Please also check out the extensive video and audio media on my teacher’s site, Dr. Arnold Tayam, who has designed resources to help heal the body profoundly with qi gong mediations. Click here to visit Dr. Tayam’s site.

Guide to Meditations

Dao Yin track is designed to help you use your breath to induce deeper states of relaxation. (6 minutes)

Click here to access the Dao Yin meditation.

Gratitude track is for repatterning negative thoughts by aligning you with the energy of positive gratitude.

Click here to access the Gratitude track directly. (11 minutes)

Reduce Anxiety reduces cyclic and spinning worries about “what if” and helps you ground your stomach and spleen energies–so improves digestion as well and centers energy.

Click here to access the Reduce Anxiety track directly. (5 minutes)

Heart energy increases blood flow to the tissues of the heart but is also good for healing the heart center emotionally–so soothing for heartache or grief or other feelings housed in the heart center. This track is also good for doing emotional layer release work.

Click here to access the Open Heart track.(8 minutes)

Forest Meditation specifically addresses the liver and gallbladder (wood elements) so helps with migraines, high blood pressure, anger, frustration and irritability. It is also a good track to address PMS.

Click here to access Forest Meditation. (7 minutes)

Ocean journey targets the kidney and bladder meridians and helps to quell and overactive adrenal system. It also is helpful for addressing fears and exhaustion.

Click here to access Ocean Qi meditation.(6 minutes)

Cut the Cord meditation helps you process the release of energetic cords to those who have wounded you or have brought negative energy into your life. It is protective and healing.

Click here to access Cut the Cord Meditation(6 minutes)


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