Increase Energy and Reduce Depression during Winter Months

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Snowflake-1-625x450Winter time classically is a time for introversion and quiet restoration of energy, yet most of us spend our winter months preparing for the holidays, engaged in hectic activity and rarely taking a moment to slow down. Commit yourself to creating a more balanced emotional/mental, physical and spiritual flow this season with the following tips:

Simplify Gift Giving

Consider donating to charity on behalf of your loved ones as replacements to traditional holiday gifts. There are many wonderful ways to spend money to help those who are less fortunate such as purchasing a gift card at KIVA who lends the money to people in developing countries to start their own businesses such as making handmade clothing, jewelry from the rain forests, or herbal products from organic gardens. Thus, this type of gift is one that empowers others to improve their lives. Also, offers a variety of ways to give to charities that are meaningful to you and the recipient.

Take Down Time in Nature

Visit a park, go to the beach, plan an excursion away from all the hustle and bustle of urban life. For instance, as part of my Thanksgiving celebration, I took a trip with the dear man in my life to Lost Maples state park and enjoyed a quiet hike that afforded magnificent views of the hill country, rivers and streams, and abundant forests of cedar, maple and live oak. There’s nothing quite so bonding as sharing the majesty of nature and feeling the peacefulness of God transform, heal and infuse every pore and every cell with vibrant energy.

Feed Yourself Brain Friendly Foods and Get Plenty of Sunlight

Our serotonin levels can drop in the winter time when we have less hours of sunlight. Thus, we may experience more depression. Make it a point to eat foods that nourish the small intestine, where serotonin is produced. Foods that are rich in acidophilous such as miso soup, yogurt, and probiotic drinks can nourish brain chemistry. Also, load up on the healthy fats by adding organic flaxseed oil with algae based DHA to salads. For more ways to fend off depression with foods and light therapies see these resources:

Food Therapy: Healing Anxiety, Depression and Chronic Health Challenges

Healing Depression and Sadness Naturally

Surround Yourself with Positive People

The secret to harnessing the alchemy of winter time is surrounding yourself with nourishing people who can see and support the possibility of your transformation. So, if you have people in your life who are not feeding your growth and transformation on a health, mental and spirit level, let go of them and create a new community where your potential is exponential!


Participating in positive communities is so important to building abundance. So many of us are striving to grow in new ways but surround ourselves with the incorrect environment and people–then, we wonder why we are in states of struggle. Yet, when we really make that higher commitment to create situations and interact with people who are positive, then we soar.

Use the winter months to go inward to really understand what is most important for your growth in terms of what you have around you–and gather the resolve to use December as the month to let go of that which does not serve you well so you can greet the new calendar year with new flows in your life.


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