Quell Cravings with Herbal Teas

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Day 14 Weight Balancing Tip

bluewaterfallIf you have heat or hot flashes, try drinking peppermint tea and this will also help to gently quell food cravings if your cravings are aggravated by heat. Sometimes when we feel hot and flustered, it causes us to crave foods to “put out the fire.” If we can find positive ways to use gentle, caffeine-free beverages to quell the heat, this can help to also quell food cravings.

If you don’t have heat symptoms and have cravings, try a cup of warm ginger tea with a touch of vegetable glycerine as a natural zero calorie sweetener. Sometimes all we need is that slight taste of sweet to quell the energies of the spleen and stomach without the glucose spiking aspects of sugar, honey or even agave syrup (of which many have corn syrup which creates glucose spikes).

Although, I don’t advocate sparkling waters for regular consumption, every now and then try adding a half cup of sparkling water to your favorite herbal tea and chill–drink in between meals so that the coldness of the beverage does not interfere with food digestion.

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