Reduce Stress, Increase Peace, and Celebrate the Holidays

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So often, we forget that nourishing ourselves with down time is just as vital as eating, breathing and drinking water.

As the busy holiday season begins, I encourage all clients to build into their lives, times for meditation, relaxation and rejuvenation.

One way you can get into the habit of making self nourishment a part of your routine is to put up post-it notes with affirmations that remind you to take care of yourself well.
  • “I take 10 minutes every day, at least twice a day to engage in breath work and meditation.”
  • “I allow myself to rejuvenate through 30 minutes of bodywork, facials, and exercise each week.”
  • “I slow down to make healthy food choices and savor each bite with gratitude.”
  • “I schedule mini breaks to break out of my daily routines and environment.”
Start paying attention to your internal chatter and thoughts and notice how many times you tell yourself as you move through the days, “Oh I don’t have time, money or energy to take care of myself.”
You might notice a predominance of these kind of thoughts, but the reality is that everyone can create the time, financial resources, and energy to take a little down time every week.
I encourage clients to take that down time at Aiki Healing by offering very affordable 30 minutes sessions that can fit easily into a lunch hour, or after work. These sessions are designed to:
  • Relax and release tension from shoulders and necks.
  • Rejuvenate the face (with express energy facials)
  • Revive the entire body via reflexology of hands and feet –qi gong style of course!
  • Increase immunity for research shows that when the body is relaxed, the immunity system functions more efficiently.

Simply visit my specials page and click on the deals to purchase your session–then visit our online calendar, newly revamped, to set your appointment.

If you need an appointment after hours (Wednesdays-Saturdays 10 am to 5 pm), simply email me with your request, as I do accept booking after hours on a case by case basis.

Whether it is at Aiki Healing or another relaxation venue, take time to care-take yourself well during the holidays. You deserve it!


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