Reflections for Optimal Weight Loss: Day 7 of the 15 Days Weight Balancing Challenge

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Japanese-Lotus-flower-Toren-Giclee-Print-C12009915When we gain weight, most people want an instant fix or “program” to get back to a healthier weight and state. The truth is that maintaining weight is a life long process and instead of temporary programs that get dramatic short term results but do not result in lifestyle and habit changes, I want you to truly make the commitment to take one day at a time to implement strategies that change your lifestyle on a body, mind and spirit level.

The Aiki Healing 15 days weight balancing challenge is not a short term program that you do once and never visit again. It is a series of strategies that you adopt each day to create that healthier lifestyle gradually and with gentleness. It is a program that emphasizes self responsibility and self exploration versus being a highly rigid program that you follow for a short term then drop it when your “real life” calls to you.

How are you doing so far? Observe which strategies have been easier to implement and notice which ones are more challenging. Let me know how you are handling those challenges.

During this 15 days challenge (ending October 15th, 2014), there is no charge to reach out to me via this blog, Facebook, Twitter or email to share your experiences and receive personalized guidance.

You can also check yourself.

  • Are you jump starting your metabolism in the morning by eating something within 30 minutes of rising and snacking or having mini-meals every 3-4 hours?
  • Are you using your wonderful smart pads and phones as tools to Google or use Spark People or the numerous other sites like my to research how many calories are in the foods you are about to eat and using that information to guide what you eat for the day?
  • Are you choosing a form of interval exercise training that works for your body? If you have health limitations or are physically weak or suffer from vertigo, remember that you can engage the qi gong movements in my video from a seated posture and simply speed up the pace–double time the motions. Of course, always check with your physician before engaging any vigorous exercise when you have health issues.
  • Are you using my suggestions for activities and the free audio meditations to help redirect you from using food to quell your emotions?
  • Are you drinking enough fluids each day?
  • Have you started to reduce refined carbohydrates and replace with some of the foods that help to quell carb cravings?
  • Are you integrating yellow fruits and vegetables with the recipes I suggest to soothe anxiety and also help reduce emotional eating?

If you’ve been following the challenge each day, you should should be engaging at least three of these seven strategies regularly each day. If you have to pick the three most important ones, focus on:

(1) Jump starting your metabolism in the morning and mini snacking throughout the day.

(2) Drinking more fluids with my healthy suggestions for beverages?that help you lose weight and detox.

(3) Adopting 15 minutes of interval training exercise each day.

Struggling or just starting the challenge? Choose two or three strategies and implement them consistently each day. Then the next week add more strategies.The key is consistency

So on this seventh day of the challenge, I want you to reflect and think of this challenge not as a “one time only” program that you do for a short term but the development of the very lifestyle habits you need to eventually reach and more importantly, maintain your ideal weight while nourishing your body, mind and spirit.

If you just joined us on the challenge or want to review strategies (as new recipes and tips have been updated based on your feedback), here is a link to an archive of all the blog postings:

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