Ways to Boost Energy when You have a Chronic Condition

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Do you have a chronic health issue that is not resolving as fully as you might like? Chronic health issues are opportunities to engage and transform how you are moving through life, your thought patterns, your health and life habits, and your spiritual vibration.

Most chronic health issues do not develop suddenly overnight. As a result, part of the journey may involve accepting that some health challenges may be a part of one’s life for the longer term–and that one can find ways to successfully cope with and grow through how these health challenges manifest daily. Acknowledging that there will be some good days where one feels better and some days where one does not feel so well, is important. Also, sometimes the process of healing is more about stabilizing and preventing further progression of a health condition rather than resolving it completely.

This journey of living with a chronic health issue can be approached as an adventure into developing new aspects of self and challenging paradigms that may be limiting to one’s growth. It can include a journey of being completely realistic and acknowledging limitations but also embracing strengths.

Pathology-Focus Versus Life-Focus Approach to Chronic Health Challenges

A pathological view of chronic illness focuses on what is wrong with health. Yes, it is important to acknowledge the very real physical, emotional and spiritual issues that are hindering health and create a solid plan to address these areas with research-based protocols from both holistic and traditional western medicine fields.

At the same time, it is also important to makes sure to create a life that does not require the predominance of your waking hours engaged in “treatment” of your chronic illness–otherwise, your focus is on the pathology of your illness not on engaging and learning how to live life in new ways. It is in this lesson of learning how to accommodate your health challenges that allows one enjoyment of life and realistic optimism despite illness.

A life-focused approach to chronic illness involves making it a natural part of your lifestyle to engage the things that generate better health. For instance, instead of restrictive diets that exclude a lot of different foods, a life-focused approach to eating would be to gradually include a greater variety of health-inspiring that specifically regulate the energies of internal organs by functioning as “food as medicine.” This idea of variety and also using foods that resonate with certain organ systems is at the heart of Chinese “energetic nutrition.”

Try using these resources to integrate at least two of the recipes or items listed three times a week.

Reduce inflammation recipes part one

Reduce inflammation recipes part two

Build Immunity foods

Similarly, relaxing energetic exercise such as qi gong can be integrated into the daily life as a joyful way of nourishing body, mind and spirit versus a prescriptive “exercise” program that one dreads or that one engages with a yang “goal -oriented” approach versus a state of simply discovering more information about one’s self through the experience. So much of what we do in life is goal-oriented rather than process oriented. Yet, the magic of life unfolds often in the process of experiences not necessarily the end goals.

This relaxing way of using qi gong movements as a tool of discovery can help to release stagnant patterns that may hinder health.Dr. Tayam and I have a bounty of video and audio resources on our websites to help people develop sound qi gong practices and meditations.

Dr. Tayam’s Rotating Heaven and Earth and Wu Dang 8 forms are remarkable for creating deep transformation. As well, he now has portions of the forms available on loop to focus on specific internal systems such as lungs, kidneys, liver, etc. Visit his newly launched online media store.

My free offerings can be found here:

Less than 15 minutes qi gong workout

Audio meditations

Another life-focused approach to chronic illness is discovering (or in some cases “rediscovering”) the things you truly enjoy–those things that make your spirit light up with joy and making time to pursue those things. Often, when we are chronically ill, we have the opportunity to slow down and create time to discover what we really resonates as joy for us. Amid, our healing journey, we finally have that time to cultivate states of yinness (necessary for introspection) to discover what makes us happy–and to create a focused plan for nourishing that joy.

Sometimes this journey involves taking classes or seminars in areas that are very different than what we imagine are our core interests so that we can stretch parts of self to discover that there are experiences that can bring us joy outside of the very patterns and habits that have defined our lives.

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