Support Systems Help you Lose Weight

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affirmationMy beautiful cousin and fellow qi gong teacher, Nicole Washington, suggested that we start a community event to encourage people to implement the strategies given in days 1-15 of our October weight balancing event.

I love this idea!

Imagine a space where you can go to share ideas about how you are implementing strategies, what’s working for you and what’s not, share recipes and give each other encouragement. I will be here also to help give that expert health and fitness perspective when needed but the greatest value is what you all share with one another.

Research shows that when we are receiving support and feel a sense of community, we tend to achieve the goals we set for our health, but especially with weight loss and maintenance.

So, let’s do it! The support system will be available through the Aiki Healing Facebook site via this link: Body, Mind and Spirit Weight Loss and Maintenance …you can visit it today if you wish and post but it officially launches tomorrow, Oct. 16th.

I am not very Facebook savvy, so all of your help, comments, suggestions for improvements are gladly welcomed!



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