Prostate Healing Resources

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I thank the men and the partners  of the men of the Us Too support group for having me at their meeting last night.

We  journeyed into the Five Treasures form as a way of:

  • reducing stress
  • building immunity
  • addressing the emotional aspects of the journey with cancer.

The circular heel-toe stepping we performed also strengthened center core which influences our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Click here to  access the free DVD of Five Treasures by the  National Qi Gong Association.

Click here for the Prostate Healing Resources article. 

This article contains a link to  a nearly 20 pages document written in 2008. It  explores the role of using medical qi gong, Chinese medicine, herbal strategies, and dietary help to strengthen.

Also, don’t forgot that free phone consultations are available to the men of US Too. Simply call Kay Hutchinson at 512.468.6588

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